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While you won’t find many men intent on wearing women’s watches, females who wear men’s watches are something of a growing trend.

The Trend Towards Large Women’s Watches

Nordgreen watch
Nordgreen watches are popular with men and women

The significant difference when it comes to men’s watches (get 15% off Nordgreen with code WWREVIEW) and women’s watches is size. Gender-specific design features can play a part: you will find designers still creating pieces such as all black watches and straps, or pink and gold sparkly ones. Overall it is mainly the size of the watch itself that determines whether it is called a man’s or a woman’s watch. And it seems that size matters because more and more women are indeed deciding to wear men’s watches over something more petite and – dare we say it – feminine.


As we find ourselves well into the 21st Century, most women couldn’t care less about what is seen by society as ‘feminine’ and appropriate. Traditionally, timepieces for women are naturally a lot smaller than those designed for men. However, women are turning this on its head and wearing these watches as practical timepieces, as well as statement jewellery.

A wristwatch that is easy to read

At the end of the day, many women just downright prefer a larger watch. Anything from a 40mm wide case and upward would generally be considered a size appropriate for a man. And, one practical perk is that a larger “man’s” watch, even a chronograph with lots of dials, is actually legible. Women’s watches can often be made so small that they aren’t even able to read the time at a glance. There is the option of a unisex watch, which tends to be a male’s watch design, but a little smaller. Some women just want to wear what might look on them, like an oversized watch. From a designer’s point of view, to make a watch more masculine, all they can really do is increase the size. But this is the attractive point for many women. Put something masculine on a female, and she will actually appear more feminine.

So to conclude, why are more and more women wearing men’s watches? While some might think the reason is to make some kind of a political statement, the real truth is that the larger design is simply favoured. For reasons including aesthetic style, enjoying it as a piece of jewellery, and in practical terms of using the timepiece, women are preferring these watches made for men – and are making no apologies for it.

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By Mike Richmond

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