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Whether it’s a smart watch, a vintage classic or a modern day, sporty number, most watches now often serve more than their intended purpose of just telling the time. Many modern watches are bursting with all sorts of features. You can find everything from altimeters and barometers to GPS and heart rate monitors – depending on which watch you choose. So whether it’s a fitness watch for training at the gym, a dive watch for deep sea diving, or just something to help you find your way home from a run, your watch is now much more than just a timepiece.

 1. Stopwatches help you at the gym

stopwatch fitness watch
A stopwatch is the traditional fitness watch

As well as telling the time, many watches are also chronographs. This means that they can be used as a stopwatch. A stopwatch can help you keep track of everything from lap timings to how long it takes to get a task accomplished. Perfect for those who enjoy training and going to the gym; many chronograph watches have a second hand with a ‘flyback’ function that resets it back to zero quickly.

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2. Calendar Watches help you keep track of what day it is

If you’re one of those people who is forever asking what day it is, then this common feature on modern day watches is the one for you. Usually equipped with a perpetual calendar mechanism, many watches let you know what day and date it is. Some will even automatically adjust to the correct month to help keep you up to date.

3. A Fitness Watch can keep you fit and healthy

Fitness is big business these days. Many watches and smartwatches now come complete with heart rate monitors to allow you to analyse your workouts and keep an eye on how much exercise you are getting. Along with calorie counters, watches are getting more and more useful for keeping you at peak fitness.

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