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There are over two hundred different brands of watch in the world. Ranging from low-cost, mass-manufactured brands to high-end, exclusive brands.  From traditional timepieces to state of smartwatches made from plastic or recycled materials or platinum with pink diamonds and stunning emeralds. The best of anything is always a matter of taste and personal preference or it can be the best that someone with a specific budget can afford.  So, which are the best watch brands out there? Here are three watch brands, each iconic in their own way.

All Round Great Watch

Rolex: about the brand

Being the most expensive does not necessarily mean something is the best. There are vast differences in the cost of a watch, and you can spend anywhere from £20 to something resembling a telephone number on a timepiece.  Perhaps the pinnacle of all watch brands,  a brand that most people know and appreciate is Rolex. As far as watch connoisseurs go a Rolex is not the absolute best watch, but in terms of brand it is a clear and outright winner. As a watch and time-keeping brand, Rolex is just that, from Wimbledon to Motor Racing the Rolex brand is recognised around the world and tells or records the time in its inimitable unique way.

Function Over Form

Seiko watch
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The Japanese make amazing watches and when it comes and as far as brands go, Seiko is another extremely good brand.  Seiko is recognised as producing the best quality watches that deliver exceptional timekeeping at an affordable price. As far as being a brand, Seiko is up there with Rolex and can be seen sponsoring various sports events that range from Marathons to the Honda F1 team. The timepiece is worn by Wimbledon Mens Champion Novak Djokovic whose no-nonsense, highly accurate approach to tennis matches what Seiko is for timepieces.

A Classic Watch Brand

Cartier watchSome brands are very much the brand to be seen wearing. For some people, a brand means everything and is more about the looks than the time.  When it comes to the watch brand the celebrities love both Rolex and Seiko are up there, but there are some watch brands that are simply gorgeous.  Without a doubt, the best watch brand for absolute class, style and refinement has to be Cartier. Cartier has produced and continues to produce some of the most elegant timepieces of all. The Cartier Tank very much sets the bar when it comes to class and grace making its own unique and very subtle statement.  Cartier Tank watches have been worn by such people as Princess Diana and Tom Hanks. The design is more than a century old and never goes out of style and is perhaps the ultimate watch brand.

By Matt Newnham

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