The RATIO Freediver X has just been launched. Is their latest model as good as their last release, the superb Skysurfer?

RATIO Freediver X Review

At a glance

RATIO Freediver X

Price $275 (about £225)
Case size 40mm
Thickness 15mm
Water Resistance 200m
Movement Seiko NH35

Just like the RATIO Skysurfer, the RATIO Freediver X comes in a clamshell box, made of thick card and covered in plastic. The last watch arrived in a box that was damaged beyond repair; whereas this box opens and closes but feels like it is about to come apart any minute. Boxes aren’t crucial – and it does a good job of protecting the watch in transit – but even a two piece card box like those used by AVI-8 would be an improvement.

Case and Movement

Things get better quickly, though, with the RATIO Freediver X. Its 40mm steel case is beautifully finished. It’s topped with a ceramic bezel insert and sapphire glass, with a light etching underneath. The watching could be better but if costs are to be cut, doing so on a part of the watch that is rarely seen is the least worst option. The movement is the venerable Seiko NH35, which is an excellent choice, and the 15mm thickness makes it chunky but wearable.

While the case design won’t win many awards for originality, I really like the shape of the swoosh on either side of the crown guards. The finishing is superb for the money, and everything is as tight as it should be, with no back play at all on the bezel.  I’d have preferred a slightly bigger crown, to make it easier to grip, but that’s about all I can pick out as a problem for me.

Dial and Hands

The RATIO Freediver X dial is, again, superb. The text is crisp, and the applied indices give a real premium feel. The lume is really good (I show it in the video review) and the date function is welcome. The angled chapter ring gives the dial a real sense of depth.

The hand design is really nice, with a sword hour hand and arrow minute hand picked out in red. It makes for a really legible face – in all conditions – and only the slightly reflective crystal lets it down – and even then only slightly.

Strap and Buckle

The rubber strap supplied with the RATIO Freediver X is top quality. It’s extremely comfortable to wear and has texture on the back to wick away water. The buckle is basic, but does the job.

RATIO Freediver X – Video Review

What I Liked… and What I Didn’t Like

þ Excellent design with a really legible dial
þ Perfectly balanced on the superb rubber strap
þ A bargain for the asking price
ý The crystal can be a bit too reflective in some conditions
ý The crown could do to be a touch bigger.
ý Awful box gives a poor first impression

RATIO Freediver X – The WRUK Verdict

It’s really hard to pick faults with the RATIO Freediver X because everything is so right – the price, specifications and design all speak to me. You even get a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee & a 5 Years International Warranty for the price! If I’d not been sent a free sample, this is a watch I would seriously consider buying for my own collection – and there is no higher accolade than that. Highly recommended.

Buy a RATIO Freediver X

You can buy a RATIO Freediver X at Use code WRTX10 for a flat 10% off on Freediver X purchases.

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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