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Discount Codes for Watches & Accessories

AVI-8 Watches – Use our link and AVI-8 discount code WRUK for 20% off

Nordgreen – 15% off with code WWREVIEW at checkout

Reverie Watches – Get 15% off with code WWRUK15 at the checkout.

Spinnaker Watches – Use our link and Spinnaker discount code WRUK for 20% off

Watch blogs we enjoy

Capture a Second – the best watch photographer in the business

The Time Bum – one of the best watch review blogs on the internet.

Scottish Watches – news and reviews with a focus on those north of the border and a most excellent podcast

Watcha – well written, in-depth features and a bustling Facebook group.

12 & 60 – another UK watch review blog.

WatchJunky – Honest reviews from a British blogger.

Zaltek Reviews – candid and honest reviews of affordable watches.

Watch Services

Cumbria Watch Repair – UK-based watch repair with a brick-and-mortar presence that also repairs microbrands.

Shops we buy from – A good source for new watches with a great warehouse deals section – new and preowned bargains as Buy it Now or auctions

The Microbrand Store – dedicated to Microbrands you might have missed on Kickstarter