Combining influences from Robin Hood and James Bond, the Sherwood Commander is the first watch from a new British brand.

Sherwood Commander Review

The Sherwood Command is currently funding on Kickstarter with – at the time of writing – about three weeks to go. It’s almost at its goal, and as long as sufficient backers sign up before the deadline, watches should start arriving in buyers’ eager hands  later this year.

At a glance

Sherwood Commander

Price RRP £450, Kickstarter offers from £325
Case size 40mm
Thickness 12mm
Water Resistance 200m
Movement Miyota 9039

Case and Movement

The Sherwood Commander draws inspiration from a certain British secret agent and also Robin Hood, whose home was, of course, in Sherwood forest. The case is really nicely made, with solid finishing and a conservative design that moulds well to the wrist. The weight is spot on, and the watch feels like it is worth the asking price. Inside is a Miyota 9039 high-beat automatic movement. It is one of my favourites in this price range and is a reliable, accurate choice.

The crown is nicely engraved, but the lack of crown guards makes it stand a little further proud of the case than I would prefer. On the plus side, it operates smoothly and does not have a “ghost position” where the date change would be, as Sherwood have used a proper no-date movement. On top is a domed sapphire crystal; beneath is a lovely deep-stamped image of the Major oak tree (the biggest in Sherwood Forest). No corners have been cut, so far as I can tell, with everything feeling well made and properly put together

Dial and Hands

Although Sherwood offers a Lincoln Green dial to explore the Robin Hood theme further, I prefer this blue sunburst dial which has plenty of depth and looks great in all light conditions. The lume is superb, covering both dial markers and the bezel. The dial, as you may expect from the name, draws more than a little inspiration from the Bond Submariner with its circular and rectangular markers, but that’s where the similarities end: the Sherwood Commander dial is relatively large compared to the bezel and that gives it room to breathe. I really liked the bow and arrow design on the D of Sherwood and also the Seiko-style angled chapter ring.

The hands of the Sherwood Commander are really easy to read, with a nice design touch being the arrow-tipped second hand which moves smoothly around the dial thanks to that quality Miyota movement. The only doubt i have is the bezel – I do like the non-conformist design (a 20-minute gradient replaces the traditional pip and numbers) but it may be a problem if you use the bezel for timing… not that I ever do!

Bracelet and Clasp

Despite Sherwood advising me that the end-link design and bracelet finish is going to be upgraded in the final production version, I found nothing wrong with the bracelet at all. It is solid and nicely finished. Those polished centre links may well turn out to be scratch magnets, but even on this well-worn review loaner, they still looked pretty good to me. The clasp is superb: made of thick steel and with a locking mechanism. I prefer more micro-adjustments than three, but that is really the only part I could find any issue with. The removable links are pin and collar here, but screws will be used in the final version. Another big tick from me.

Sherwood Commander – Video Review

What I Liked… and What I Didn’t Like

þ Great dial and hands design
þ The case is well designed, making it comfortable to wear
þ Great movement: no corners have been cut here
ý The bracelet could do with a couple more microadjustments
ý Sherwood could get away with a slightly slimmer crown
ý The RRP of £450 is a touch steep compared to the competition (although the Kickstarter pricing is spot on)

Sherwood Commander- The WRUK Verdict

Overall, the Sherwood Commander ticks all the boxes for me. For the Kickstarter price, you will get a well-equipped, good-looking watch with all the right specifications and with no obvious cutting of corners. It’s not often I see a watch with no major flaws, and I am pleased to see Sherwood setting the bar so high this early in the year. I wish them the best of luck with this release, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. Highly recommended.

Buy a Sherwood Commander

You can preorder this watch at: – the campaign ends in early March 2023.

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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