Black Friday: in what seems like no time at all, it’s gone from an event that we Brits viewed from afar with a raised eyebrow, where our American cousins bought bargains, into something that’s become part of the traditional run-up to Christmas.

Black Friday and Christmas: Wristwatch Best Buys 2021

Not sure what to get that special someone? A watch makes a great gift: here are the top 5 reasons to gift a watch for Christmas.

The Ideal Gift: Nordgreen

Danish brand Nordgreen produces a range of minimalist dress watches. We’ve reviewed a few, including their Infinity and Pioneer models. They make great gifts as their quartz movements are reliable, accurate and low-maintenance and they look great. Their online shop is at Remember to use code WWREVIEW for 15% off at the checkout.

Affordable Quality: Spinnaker

We are massive fans of Spinnaker Watches at WRUK. Some complain that they are a factory brand masquerading as a microbrand but we don’t care: they offer quality that exceeds their asking price and they have some excellent designs. Use code WRUK at checkout for a 20% discount on list prices at Spinnaker’s UK website.

Something really special: Bremont

If you want to spend a bit more, and prefer to buy British then there are few better options than Bremont. We’ve reviewed a couple of Bremont watches already, and a third is on its way for a review – hopefully before Christmas 2021. The build quality, designs and presentation of Bremont watches are all superb, and you’d have to pay two or three times as much for the equivalent from one of the better-known luxury brands. You can shop for Bremont’s watches online at their website.

Buy a Bremont Rose

Custom Watches from Undone

Want something personalised? Undone has up to 80 per cent off (including 25% off gift cards) and their watches have a wealth of customisation options. Click here to view Undone’s website.


Sekonda Black Friday Sale

We all know Sekonda. They have a Black Friday sale – you can check out the deals over at the Sekonda Website. We were particularly taken with this Breitling-esque chronograph at £74.99 (reduced from £99.99) but there is something for everyone!

Used Luxury Watches from Bob’s Watches

Bob’s watches have two special deals running for Black Friday and Cyber Monday: check them out!

Christmas 2021 Discount Codes for Watches

We maintain a list of codes on our Facebook group. Here are some of the highlights so you can save on your Christmas Shopping.

Brand URL Code Notes
AVI-8 WRUK 20% off
Nordgreen WWREVIEW 15% off
Nuun Official KEITH25 25% off
Pompeak WWRUK15 15% off
Reverie WWRUK15 15% off
Spinnaker WRUK 20% off
Swan and Edgar WWR30 30% off

Christmas and Black Friday 2020 Watch Deals

Happy shopping this Black Friday, and don’t forget to share photos of what you picked up for your Christmas shopping over at our Facebook Page or on our British Watches Facebook group.

Author: Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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