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Holly is the name of the barmaid at my local pub. Her surname is Wood and she was born on Christmas day. And no, I’m not making this up. Holly is a sweet young woman biding her time working behind a bar until she figures out what to do with her life. Holly has shiny doe-brown eyes, pours a killer pint of Strongbow, and wears a Casio wristwatch. A Casio LA670WEGA-1EF to be precise, and believe me when I tell you that when it’s wrapped around Holly’s slender wrist, the digital retro design with the golden stainless steel bracelet looks a lot more elegant than the factory specification would suggest.

Okay, I’ll admit it…

Casio watch for women
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… elegant is not a word I expected to use when talking about Casio. Casio watches are trumped up calculators, right? Manufactured by a Japanese company famous (or infamous, depending on your take on the subject) for inventing the world’s first practical electronic calculator back in 1957, and who then went on to make all kinds of gadgets (printers, keyboards, cash registers, portable televisions, film cameras, laptops, mobile phones PDAs etc.etc.etc.) that changed our lives forever. Whether we liked it or not.

Holly Wood doesn’t care about any of that…

… she thinks her Casio is retro chic and street-cool. It has a stopwatch and a calendar, (but rather weirdly no back light) and cost her £23 from Amazon. In fact, she is obviously so much in love with her tiny timepiece I didn’t have the nerve to ask if she worried about Casio’s notorious (if slightly fabricated) connection with Osama Bin Laden. Or that a Casio watch is still one of the main indicators the FBI use to identify suspected terrorists. Nope, that’s not a conversation I’m going to have with the woman who delivers accurately poured pints of perfectly tempered cider with such a cute, dimpled smile as Holly’s.

Of course, Holly Wood isn’t the only one to fall in love with Casio watches…

… the company sells millions of timepieces every year, and not only to fans of the retro nostalgia look. The enormously popular G-Shock series, for example, has gone over the counter a staggering 87 million times since it was launched in 1983 and Casio’s more high-end pieces like the Pathfinder, Protrek, Enticer, and the really quite impressive Edifice Chronograph, have pushed the company’s 2017 watch sales figures right up to third place, just behind Hublot and number one Rolex. And if you’re into these new-fangled smart watches (I’m not) then the $500 Android-based Casio WSD F-10 might be just up your street.

But enough already. The sun is shining. Time for a lazy, late afternoon pint of cider. And to give my regards to Holly Wood.


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