Newmark 6BB Chronograph

Here at WRUK we started off collecting military wristwatches, and aviation chronographs are one of the most popular types. Newmark will be a name familiar to vintage collectors. Now the brand has been relaunched and the first release in the Newmark 6BB Chronograph.

British Watch Brand Newmark Returns With An Iconic Wrist Chronograph

Chronograph wristwatches bearing the Newmark name were last produced for the Royal Air Force in 1980. Seen as something of an icon due to their scarcity (with no more than 500 produced), they have become coveted by watch collectors the world over. An updated version of the original is being introduced as the first offering from the resurrected brand. The mew watch will match the original as closely as possible, with the same dimensions and an acrylic crystal.

Ewan Wilson, co-founder of the ‘new’ Newmark says of the project: “We are very proud to be producing a watch with the Newmark name on its dial once again. It seemed appropriate to start with the RAF chronograph and we have endeavoured to stay as close as possible to the original whilst modernising it here and there.”

About the Brand: Newmark

Ewan Wilson and his wife Sureerat have been involved in the watch world for 13 years, and Ewan’s interest in watches stems back some 40 years to the early mass-produced quartz watches. He was particularly fascinated by Seiko’s diverse range but also maintained an interest in Swiss watches.

Since around 2000, Ewan has published watch reviews of smaller brands on his own websites. The resurrection of two particular English brands struck a chord with him: Precista and Smiths. In the case of Precista, the original company had issued timepieces to the British military which have subsequently been remade, including the 1981 issue 6BB chronograph. Ewan found the whole concept of bringing a brand back to life quite exciting.

Buy a Newmark 6BB Chronograph

The Newmark 6BB Chronograph will be launched via Kickstarter in August. For more details and registration visit:

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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