While necklaces,  bracelets and diamond rings are very much just for decoration, the watch you wear tells a story. You might not realise it, but people tend to take notice of the watch you wear. The right watch for the right occasion is a must for some people. The right watch for all occasions is how others see it. This is a divide that will trigger arguments until time itself is no more. So, let’s try and find an answer to whether a dress watch or diver watch is the best?

Cartier watch
Jewellery isn’t really my thing, but I’ve always got my eye on people’s watches –  Clive Owen

A Watch at Work

If you were to ask a diver what watch would work best under the water the answer would be obvious.  A dress watch is unlikely to be waterproof for a start, and the strap and other components may not be as tough and rugged as needed for a day’s work. Before one considers the watch, it is best to consider the purpose or occasion. With this known, the answer to which is best is almost answered for you.

Divers Watch: Form and Function

Rolex 126610 Submariner
Rolex 126610 Submariner photo by Bob’s Watches

I say almost answered as fashions come and go like the tide, and many diver watches are very stylish indeed. It was back in 1953 that Blancpain introduced the Fifty Fathoms and Rolex the original Submariner.  Both these timepieces would take pride of place in the collection of any watch connoisseur. The two watches, like most of the early diver watches, and many today,  are chunky and very practical watches.  Neither would really be the sort of watch you would wear to a formal dinner or a Ladies Day as Ascot. More contemporary Diver Watches have moved more toward good looks and style while retaining the distinctive concept of what the watch is meant for. Many current diver watches wouldn’t look out of place paired with an Armani Suit equally as they would with Jeans and a T-shirt.

Dress Watch: A Statement or Not?

A dress watch on the other hand is exactly what it says it is. It serves the same purpose as a diver watch but is more likely to stop working if dropped in a glass of champagne and not stand a chance while scuba diving in the Maldives.  When you wear a dress watch, you take on an air of simplicity and a touch of sophistication. Dress watches for both men and ladies are stylish watches, they can be everyday watches or a watch worn only for special occasions. Often less bulky and a little more refined, the watch can either shout “Look at me I am gorgeous” (the watch not so much the person) or subtly seek to be noticed as a smart or pretty finishing touch.

Best of Both Worlds

There is no middle ground between a Dress Watch by Cartier and a Diver Watch by Tag Heur. Both styles of watch are what they are. The answer to which is better, a dress watch or a diver watch sits firmly on wrist and with the soul of the person wearing the watch. Of course, some watches are completely out of place, and one will be more appropriate or practical than the other, but which is best is entirely up to you.  I have found a balance, one watch that looks good at all times and is also waterproof and always turns heads. For me, that is all I need.

By Matt Newnham

Matt Newnham is a talented author, writer, and researcher. With a marketing and communications career dating back to the mid-1990s Matt is a published author, accomplished speaker, and respected consultant. Considered the “Master of Emotional Appeal” by his peers Matt Newnham’s published work can be seen and read all over the world https://mattnewnham.contently.com/ . Follow Matt on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/mnewnham/ – Matt wears a Fossil Minimalist Chronograph Tan Eco Leather Watch

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