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Armand Nicolet was the son of a watchmaker and set up his own Atelier d’Horlogerie in 1875. By 1902 he was producing grand complication pocket watches, one example uses a guilloché rose gold case, enamel dial, mono-pusher chronograph, complete calendar, repeating hours, quarter hours and minutes.

About the Brand – Armand Nicolet

Buy Armand Nicolet at eBay
Buy Armand Nicolet at eBay

When Armand passed away, his Son, Willy Nicolet, took the reins and made the company into the largest T1 company in the Swiss industry, essentially the watchmakers’ watchmaker. In the past, the Swiss watch industry was split into T0 (the manufacturing of parts), T1 (the assembly of parts) and T2 (casing the assembled watches and selling them). This was the core business of the brand and helped keep their doors open even during the Quartz Crisis. Unfortunately, many other great companies did not make it.

This resulted in Armand Nicolet being left with thousands of vintage movements and no one to make them for. This was turned around by Rolando Braga, an Italian watch enthusiast already working within the industry, when he met with Willy Nicolet and carved out a plan. The Original Historical Movement (O.H.M) Collection was born. Modern wristwatches housing vintage movements, everything from the simple FHF 264 to the Venus 184.

The OHM Collection

Buy Armand Nicolet at eBay
Buy Armand Nicolet at eBay

But these movements could not just be assembled and cased. Every component of each vintage movement needs to be examined, down to microscopic levels, the movement components are often modified to allow it to compete with its modern counterparts in terms of accuracy and robustness, such as the inclusion of a new mainspring and hairspring and Incabloc® shock protection, and then decorated to a very high level. O.H.M Collection pieces are produced in limited numbers, not because that is à la mode in the industry right now, but because there are only limited numbers of the movements available.

Sitting beside the O.H.M Collection is the Contemporary Collection. Modern but timeless watches, designed in Italy and made in Switzerland. High-quality watches that are beautiful, enduring and a joy to wear.

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In the UK, Amazon are the main distributors for the Armand Nicolet watch brand.

Buy Armand Nicolet at eBay
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