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Choosing a watch repairer for your watch can be a challenging process, especially when there are such a wide variety of options available resulting from a Google search for terms such as “Watch repairs in the UK”.

How to choose a watch repairer for your watch

In this article we will help you narrow down the options, to allow you to make the best choice for your treasured timepiece.

Are they authorised by the brand?

Many watch brands are concerned about the quality of interventions being carried out on timepieces they produce, as ultimately this would affect the longevity of the watch. To ensure that any intervention carried out is performed to an agreed standard, many reputable watch brands now offer a certification process for a watch repairer to go through.

The process varies in stringency between brands, and involves ensuring the correct tooling is present in the workshop and the watchmakers have adequate experience and training to work on a particular calibre.


From a straightforward battery replacement to something more involved such as a complete overhaul, if the workshop does not have the correct equipment to carry out the work, the work may not be performed to the right standard. Some brands of watches require brand-specific tooling to ensure any service carried out on a watch is to the highest standard.


Companies who are striving for customer satisfaction often display reviews from third parties such as Google, Feefo or Trustpilot. These are a good indicator of the service levels a company provides, and further how things are dealt with when things go wrong.

UK Watch Repairs

For more information on getting your watch repaired, visit Bablas Jewellers and Watch Repairers are an authorised repair centre for Omega, Longines, Rado, Tissot and an official account partner for Tag Heuer.

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