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Apple and Google, with its Android platform, have been rivals for a very long time. It is a bitter-sweet relationship that has more secrets out in the open than any other on earth. While both Apple and Android have been producing some superb mobile phones, they have more recently been producing smartwatches. But which smart watch should you buy?

Quick Smartwatch History

If you exclude the Plus Four Wristlet Route Indicator from 1927, smartwatches pretty started in 1972 when the Hamilton Watch Company introduced the first all-electronic digital timepiece. A decade later Seiko came out with a rather clumsy wearable television followed by the calculator-like Seiko Data-2000 in 1983. In 1995 the Breitling Emergency Watch was the first watch that could send an emergency distress signal that could be picked up anywhere on earth. Then it was in 1998 that Steve Mann developed the first Linux watch and smart, or almost smart, watches truly began.

Android and Apple Smartwatches

Apple Watch Series 2
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Android smartwatches were first on the scene with the LG G watch being launched in 2014 almost a year before the first Apple Watch. There were some early players on the market with the Pebble being one of the most successful. It wasn’t long before it was very much a two-horse race between platform providers: Apple and its popular iOS operating system and Google with its Android operating system. Each has made what they believe various advances in wearable technology only to have the gap closed and the other leapfrogging ahead in no time at all since the beginning of the race.  Each platform appeals to a somewhat loyal following drawn along the exact same lines as mobile phone users.

The Latest Apple and Android Watches

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The latest models of wearable tech or smartwatches are the Apple Watch Series 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 in the Android stable. Both watches have the very latest in smart, wearable technology and each will, of course appeal to either an Apple person or an Android person. The differences in performance and functionality are negligible. Apple does have its own sense of cosmopolitan style where as for Android users or lovers there are plenty of other wearable manufacturers to choose from creating options for those on less budget.

Which Smartwatch should I buy?

As to which smartwatch is best and which to buy, the answers are quite different, and each is ultimately a personal choice. For someone that already has an iPhone then the Apple watch makes sense as is the same for Android. Your phone almost determines your smartwatch. As for which is best, the jury is out on that one for the most part. Current surveys and polls, that are doing their best to be unbiased, suggest that currently, Android has the upper hand. The latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is perhaps the best all-round smartwatch on the market today. But if you own the latest iPhone this will fall on deaf ears.

By Matt Newnham

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