Rolex watch crownThe crown on a Rolex watch
  • Rolex is the most instagrammable watch in the world, with just under 2.5 million posts of the iconic brand
  • Fossil comes in second place, followed by Casio in third
  • ‘Affordable’ watch brands dominate the top ten

Rolex is the most Instagrammable watch brand

Rolex is the most Instagrammable watch in the world, new research has revealed.

Luxury watch experts analyzed the number of Instagram hashtags for watch brands to see which ones are the most popular and influential on the social media app.

It found that Rolex was the most Instagrammed watch in the world, with a massive 2,497,606 combined hashtags for #rolexwatch and #rolexwatches. The hashtag #rolexwatch has been used more than 1.8 million times by Instagram users. The company was founded more than 100 years ago and released its first watch in 1926. The ‘Oyster’ model was patented and sold as the world’s first waterproof watch, and it is still influential today with the hashtag #rolexoyster being used for more than 100 thousand Instagram posts. Many models have been released with each one embodying the luxury of the brand.

Rolex watch box

The second most Instagrammable watch is the American brand, Fossil, which reveals a smaller but still impressive 2,055,477 combined hashtags for # fossilwatch and #fossilwatches on Instagram. The brand has been selling watches since 1984 at an affordable price in a variety of styles.

Fossil watch

In third place is Casio with 1,156,958 Instagram hashtags. The Japanese brand is known for affordable watches with high quality and style in mind. Casio’s gold-plated digital watch is also very popular on Instagram and other social media platforms like TikTok.

Fourth place is another Japanese brand, Seiko, with 1,089,534 hashtags on Instagram. Another affordable watch brand to come from Japan, the brand offers high-quality watches similar to Rolex standards, but for a fraction of the price, helping Seiko to become one of the world’s top-selling labels.

A Typical Seiko 5 watch
A Typical Seiko 5 watch

Coming in fifth place is Michael Kors, with the luxury fashion brand’s watches gaining 940,615 Instagram hashtags for #michaelkorswatch and #michaelkorswatches. Founded in 1981, the luxury fashion brand sells fragrances and accessories including men’s and women’s watches.

Most Instagrammable Watches, 


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Guess takes sixth place with 868,911 hashtags on Instagram. The American brand is a big name in the designer watches industry because of their modern styles and innovative technology.

Swiss watchmakers Omega is in seventh, with 783,401 Instagram hashtags. The brand’s ‘Speedmaster’ design has been worn on each one of NASA’s piloted space missions, and its ‘Seamaster’ was the chosen timepiece of James Bond.60th Anniversary Omega Speedmaster

G-SHOCK follows in eighth place, receiving 733,892 Instagram hashtags. Designed by Casio engineer Kikuo Ibe, the watches are sturdy and able to withstand extreme pressure.

Casio G-Shock GST-W100D
Casio G-Shock GST-W100D

French watch brand, Cartier, comes in at ninth place with 441,619 hashtags used by Instagram users. The jewellery brand is best known for their ‘Santos’ and ‘Tank’ models, with the former being introduced in 1904.

In tenth place is the Italian fashion brand, Gucci, having 420,012 hashtags on Instagram. The luxury fashion company based in Florence was founded in 1921 and sells a wide range of products including handbags and watches.

A spokesperson from commented, “Watches are an effective way to complement a style and are sometimes used as a statement piece to emulate success with many using social media to show off their luxury timepieces. The data shows that watchmakers such as Rolex and Seiko are the most popular, but fashion designer brands like Michael Kors and Guess are breaking into the watchmaking industry. It is interesting to see how ‘affordable’ watches dominate the popular brands, with seven out of the top ten offering excellent value timepieces.”

The study was conducted by, the leading marketplace for luxury watches since 2003, providing easy, safe, and reliable market access to all watch enthusiasts around the world. 

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