Despite the growing popularity of the smartwatch, there are still many reasons to buy a traditional watch. Smartwatches have rekindled the consumer interest in wristwatches and have a variety of tech features that appeal to the technology enthusiast and multi-tasker alike. However, there are a few downsides to smartwatches as well.


When buying a smartwatch, you need to consider the benefits that it offers over a traditional watch. Smartwatches offer additional features that you simply cannot get on a regular watch. In addition to keeping you connected with the world, smartwatches can help you get in better shape and encourage a healthier lifestyle. You can control your smart world from your wrist; order your groceries, book a doctor’s appointment, and switch your heating on or off at home.  If you want to be fully connected to everything there is around you then a smartwatch is for you, as long as there is a signal that is.

Traditional Watches

HKED Seagull 1963
Seagull 1963 watch

A traditional watch serves only to tell the time or perhaps the date. Digital watches, which were state of the art when they appeared in the late 1970s are dumb in comparison to the smartwatches of today. These clever watches have alarms, accurate timers and perhaps a calculator. Some say that a digital watch has a nerdy appeal and perhaps they are right as it measures time in a visibly accurate manner.

A truly traditional watch, an analogue device with an hour hand, minute hand, second hand, perhaps a smaller dial for timing and a date window offers only basic functionality in comparison to anything digital.

Beautifully Simple

Despite the outward simplicity of the traditional watch, the device is, nonetheless, perfect for what it has to do. Traditional watches, whether battery operated or manually operated are less prone to malfunction than a smartwatch. Furthermore, a traditional watch needs no automatic software updates and is not reliant on a wi-fi or internet data source. If you just want to know the time and date in a slower and less connected world a traditional watch is for you.  A traditional watch makes a certain statement with a gentle hint of elegance and style that no digital timepiece can come close to. If you want class, if you want to stand out and yet feel normal, a traditional watch is the choice for you.

Cost of Your Watch – Smartwatch

Price often determines your watch of choice. Smartwatches can vary in price from a few pounds to a couple of hundred. With smartwatches the less you pay the less you get both in terms of function and quality and reliability.  Functionality varies depending on the type of watch and what you want it to do. Compromise of one function over another is commonplace among smartwatches. Battery life is sometimes better or more expensive watches, but this is never a guarantee. Some watches work with Apple and others with Android, there are brand names and no-name watches.

Cost of Your Watch – Traditional Watch

Traditional watches also start at bargain-basement prices. Many low-cost basic watches with no brand or designer name are excellent timepieces, children’s watches especially. From wristwatches to pocket watches that are once again coming back in fashion prices can go into the millions of pounds.  A Traditional watch with the finest movements made by hand becomes a collector’s piece, a work of art.  Despite the price tag, such watches are worn every day by those who can afford them or those who simply admire them, and they do exactly what the wearer wants.

Should I Buy a Smartwatch or a Traditional Watch?

In summary, the answer to “should I buy a smartwatch or a traditional watch?” is very much up to you. A watch should do what you want it to do, and you need to feel comfortable with it. You can be brand-aware or not, someone who thrives on the latest tech or someone who only wants the basics. The choice is entirely up to you.

By Matt Newnham

Matt Newnham is a talented author, writer, and researcher. With a marketing and communications career dating back to the mid-1990s Matt is a published author, accomplished speaker, and respected consultant. Considered the “Master of Emotional Appeal” by his peers Matt Newnham’s published work can be seen and read all over the world . Follow Matt on LinkedIn – Matt wears a Fossil Minimalist Chronograph Tan Eco Leather Watch

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