If you have a titanium watch then you will no doubt have picked up a few scratches along the way. Here is a guide that shows you how to remove scratches from titanium.

How do I Fix a Scratch on a Titanium Watch?

Titanium is a tough metal – harder the steel, in fact, but you have probably read about problems with titanium marking easily. How can that be the case? It is all because titanium, like bronze, develops a layer of oxidation when it has been exposed to the air. It is similar to the patina that develops on bronze watches, except in this case it gives the metal an attractive matt finish that is darker than the original metal.

As the oxidation forms, when you first unwrap your watch, it is easy to get fingerprints and greasy marks that will lead to an uneven finish. We’d recommend leaving your new titanium watch a few days after unwrapping it to prevent this. Then, whenever your watch comes into contact with another hard object, the top layer of this oxidation can rub off, leaving a shiny and very visible scratch.

The good news is that it is possible to remove this surface scratching and refinish your titanium watch case. Deeper scratches will need to be filled by a professional, but it is quite straightforward to buff out a scratch in titanium with some inexpensive equipment. Your shopping list is:

Removing a scratch from a titanium watch case

After an incident with a door handle, I picked up a rather nasty-looking scratch on my Spinnaker Tesei Titanium watch. As outlined above, it was not as serious as it looked so I decided to try and deal with it myself.

The first thing to do is to use a fibreglass pen to “rub out” the scratch. Rub the titanium scratch removal pen along the lines of the brushing on the case to gently remove a thin layer of metal around the scratch so that it is not so pronounced. It is a painstaking job but patience works wonders.

Take your time and as long as the scratch is not too deep, the metal will eventually become level. Once that is done, spend some time buffing the area around the scratch with a titanium refinishing pad. Again, follow the lines of the brushing on the case as what this pad does is put tiny scratches on the metal. This will mask any residual scratching.

Once done, you’ll need to wipe the dust away with a dry piece of kitchen towel and leave the watch a while to pick up some more oxidization. You should find the scratch is already less obvious – on my watch you can see there is a deeper scratch that is still visible (though beginning to fade now) but the scratch across the middle part of the end link has completely vanished.

Buy titanium watch scratch removal tools

All the tools you need to repair a scratch on a titanium watch can be found on eBay.

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