In our third review of watches from a British brand with a long history, how does the Swan & Edgar Roman Date Automatic fare in a week on the wrist?

Swan & Edgar Roman Date Automatic Review

The company were kind enough to lend me the Swan & Edgar Roman Date Automatic for a week for this review. My first impressions were good: the watch comes in a solid box and it looks and feels great. The retail price is £310.


The Swan & Edgar Roman Date Automatic has a 43mm case. My sweet spot is about 41-42mm but I thought it looked brilliant on my wrist. It’s 15mm thick but wears taller thanks to a straight side profile. The bezel and pushers operate with a positive action.

After the beautiful 3D engraved case back of the World Timer and the display case back of the Contrast Timer, I was really disappointed that the Roman Date – the most expensive of the three Swan & Edgar watches I have reviewed – had a rather flat laser-engraved case back. I always say I would prefer a plain case back than a light etching.

Dial and hands

I adored the blue sunburst of the Swan & Edgar Roman Date. It looks stunning in the sunlight and works with the sub dials to create a brilliant effect. The applied metallic numerals also catch the light in a very pleasing way. Of the three Swan & Edgar watches I have reviewed, this is by far the best looking.

The watch shows the month, day and a date, and a dial at the bottom indicates the time in 24-hour format. There is also a rotating sun and moon wheel (not a moon phase as indicated on the brand’s website) which is handy when setting the watch to distinguish between 12 am and 12 pm.

The movement is not stated, so I would assume it is the same Chinese movement that you will find in Parnis watches. There is a five-year warranty so if you have any concerns about the reliability of a “no-name” watch movement this will be reassuring.

Strap and Buckle

The strap is definitely the weakest point of the Roman Date Automatic  – which is a shame as their bracelets are excellent. I would replace it immediately on buying the watch as it looks and feels like a generic mass-produced watch strap. It is also very short, only just fitting my 7.5″ wrist. This watch deserves better, and at the asking price, to be honest, I expected better. The buckle is a standard tang buckle with Swan & Edgar laser engraved on the top.

Swan & Edgar Roman Date Automatic Video Review

What I Liked

  • I love the sunburst blue dial
  • The bezel and pushers are excellent, with a firm, positive action
  • Of the three Swan & Edgar watches I have reviewed, this one looks and wears the best.

What I Didn’t Like

  • The laser-etched case back is disappointing
  • The strap should have been far better at this price point
  • At £310, this watch is far too expensive

Swan & Edgar Roman Date Automatic – The WRUK Verdict

I really, really, wanted to recommend the Roman Date. It looks superb and I could get past my misgivings about the case back and suggest replacing the strap. But, at £310, I think that the watch is just too expensive. The other Swan & Edgar models with the same movement came in about £100 cheaper and I cannot see where the extra money is justified in this model.

It is a shame, as it is a gorgeous watch, but unless you can obtain it at a substantial discount, I can’t in good faith say it is worth the money.

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