About Wristwatch Review UK

Wristwatch Review UK (WRUK) is a site that is written and run by British wristwatch enthusiasts. We tell you about the latest news in the world of watches, review watches we own (or that brands have loaned us), and share wristwatch advice and guidance.

Our reviews, photos and videos are created with the intention to give an honest account of the watch in front of us. There are plenty of websites and YouTube channels that create stunning photography and video presentations that show a watch at its best. Our objective is to show a watch as it looks in real life, outside of the studio, and give you an indication of what it is like to live with it. We hope this brings a fresh alternative viewpoint to the world of watch reviews.

What do we cover?

We love affordable watches and Kickstarter micro-brands. We even buy the odd luxury watch. So whether you love Seiko watches, Michael Kors watches, Rolex watches or Omega watches, you will find something here to interest you. We aim to be a source of information for people looking to buy their first serious watch, or in the early stages of collecting. There is a lot of choice at this end of the marker, from high street fashion brands like Emporio Armani or Fossil; what we deem – ironically – “affordable luxury” – low-end watches with bold claims about “cutting out the middle-man” and micro brands: small operations producing watches that punch well above their weight with a price well below what the specifications might suggest. We aim to help you navigate the choppy waters and distinguish trash from treasure.

We’re not snobs: we don’t hate quartz watches, fashion brands or watches you can buy on the high street. Our aim is to tell you – if you like the look of a wristwatch – is it well made, and is it worth the money?

Is it all just wristwatch reviews?

Watch face
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As well as wristwatch reviews, we want to be the go-to place for watch content in the United Kingdom. We publish interviews, features and “how to guides” on subjects like finding the best watches; choosing straps and accessories; how to buy watches on eBay; and how to buy a wristwatch as an investment. If you want to adjust a watch strap, remove wristwatch bracelet links or regulate a wristwatch then we hope to be the place to come for information.

Our real passion, though, is talking about watches. As well as hands-on reviews, we publish news items that cover things we come across on the internet, from ultra-cheap homage watches to affordables right through to vintage prestige watches. Quartz, mechanical, fashion watch or luxury – there is a place for every watch at WRUK!

Disclaimers and the small print

We only cover and review genuine watches, so please do not come looking for information on fake watches or replicas. We do love homages but aren’t here to help you buy a fake Rolex, so please don’t ask! All of our staff are hobbyists and fund the site of our own pockets. Some income comes from advertising on the site and affiliate links to retailers.

We believe in editorial impartiality and so if we have been paid for or given an item in exchange for a review then we will always make it clear that is the case. You will find what happens to most of the review samples that are donated to us in our regular giveaways page. We always publish both positive and negative points about everything we review. You can always trust us to be an impartial and honest source of wristwatch reviews in the UK.

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