Update June 2022 – We have had some reports from people who are dissatisfied with Swan and Edgar watches and are unhappy with the product and/or service they received. 

Potential buyers are advised to proceed with caution. 

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About the Brand – Swan & Edgar

The Swan & Edgar brand takes its name from the store founded by George Swan and William Edgar in 1812. They made it their goal to celebrate British craftsmanship, by offering unique products to uplift the British public. This sentiment still rings true with the Fields family today. This iconic store was the cornerstone of the Piccadilly district & was remodelled by the famous classical architect Sir Reginald Blomfield who went on to re-design the West End of London.

Steeped in history, the store survived two world wars and inspired Londoners with supportive messages & provision of industry-leading goods. The store was renowned amongst leading sportsmen, servicemen and royals throughout its lifetime.

In 2020, the Fields family re-introduced Swan and Edgar with the mission of building state-of-the-art British heritage watches that meet today’s luxury style aspirations. Each of their hand-assembled watches is built to preserve the unique heritage of this store.

Swan & Edgar’s core values and watchmaking principles have been maintained by four generations of the famous Fields watchmaking family. In 2020, third-generation watchmaker Antoni Fields and fourth-generation watchmaker James Fields continue the family’s mission of building exquisite hand-assembled timepieces.

Every watch is designed by their London based team, each possessing decades of watchmaking expertise. The brand is focused on delivering a timepiece of the highest quality and functionality at an affordable price and they say it is essential to them that style is matched with substance and reliability. Each watch is hand-assembled and comes with a 5-year warranty.

All of the watches’ journeys begin with a minimum of six months of research and design within the family led London based team. All movement complications are made up of over 100 individual parts which are then deep grain-finished and hand-assembled to achieve peak precision and reliability.”

Buy a Swan and Edgar watch

If you want to buy a Swan and Edgar watch I’d recommend buying from a reputable seller like Amazon UK to take advantage of their customer service.

7 Replies to “About the Brand: Swan & Edgar

      1. Same company, Fields Luxury watches, they’ve just acquired the names of old dept stores and have no direct connections with the old stores. Vastly overpriced, you can get similar quality, style, movements etc from Ali Express for a quarter of the price.

  1. Chinese rubbish far better British designed watches with decent movements out there for not a lot more money

  2. Shows how far have Chinese progressed. Copying Valjoux and Lemania movement designs and pairing them with cheaply made pressed metal cases and bezels …. and flogging them for less than £200.- Mind you, you will probably buy the same watch in Bangkok for £20.- By the way, every watch, even the one with quartz movement inside, is hand assembled in one way, or another.

  3. Swan and Edgar and Gamages watches are exactly the same and yes both are owned by the Fields family One review on Facebook if true sums these watches up very nicely A review of Gamages Watches on Facebook Firstly, there is no such company or business Gamages of London. They have just used the name of an old department store. This company has absolutely no connection with that shop.
    The owner of this company has at least 3 other so called watch companies. Not one of them makes watches.
    The owner has found a company in China that will make the watches. Usually at about £30 per piece and tailor the look to what the so-called company request.
    In this case the watches are branded Gamages but essentially each company of his sells the same watches just with different branding
    Now here is the best bit. The only time these watches see London is as the plane delivering them lands at Heathrow. They are held in a warehouse and shipped from there.
    Now the worrying bit. The so-called guarantee is worthless. Goods have to be returned to the shipping company who simply send you another watch. Don’t try getting a refund because you won’t get one. They don’t do refunds. Check the terms on the website and you find Gamages of London are nothing more than a drop shipping firm palming off watches at stupid prices using a fake website and sales patter to make you believe you have bought a hand-crafted piece made in London. What you get is a cheap Chinese watch with a bit of branding put on it.
    The owner was on a TV selling channel the other night saying how his father is a horologist with years of experience. How watches have been his family trade for years
    Sadly, his own family aren’t following the script because a check on his father’s Facebook page tells a massively different story and the only experience this owner has of watches rests in his head. He has never made a watch in his life and neither has anyone in his family.
    It’s a pure online selling scam and trading standards are monitoring very closely the owner due to many complaints of watches that don’t work false and misleading advertising and warranties that are utterly worthless

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