Watch of the Year 2018

It’s been a great year for watches, and a great year for WRUK.  Our visits have grown by 1000% year on year, so thanks so much to everyone who visits the site, signs up to the mailing list or subscribes to our Instagram, TwitterFacebook and Youtube channels.

WRUK Watch of the Year 2018

Since this is our first full year, we wanted to share our top three watches of 2018 with you. Here are our picks for the best watch of 2018.

In third place: AVI-8 Flyboy Centenary 1960s

The Centenary collection marks a significant improvement in the quality of Avi-8 watches. Mineral glass and quartz movements made way for sapphire and a Miyota automatic movement and the design is brilliant. Read our full review here.

A Week on the Wrist – AVI-8 Flyboy Centenary 1960s

In Second Place: Offshore Professional Field Engineer

So nice our editor bought one after returning the loaner review sample. It’s edged out of the top slot only because its price (a nudge under £2,000) makes it a special purchase, but it is one of the most balanced timepieces we have reviewed (in every sense of the word) and comes with probably the best warranty in the business. Read our full review here.

A Week on the Wrist – Marine Chronometer Company Field Engineer Chronograph

And the winner is: Watchuseek Emperor Diver

Another watch that our editor bought immediately after returning the review watch is the Watchuseek Emperor Diver. Brought to life by HKED, better known as the source of the ED63 Seagull 1963 which regularly occupies our “most viewed article” slot, it’s a beautifully designed retro dive watch with the most comfortable bracelet we’ve ever worn and a stunning full-lume bezel. The watches should be shipping soon and there are still some left, so read our review if you think it may be your first watch of 2019!

A Week on the Wrist – Watchuseek Emperor Diver

Thanks for everything!

Thanks again to everyone who has read or watched our content in 2018. We really appreciate your support and look forward to bringing you even more news and reviews of watches in 2019 and beyond. New for 2019 are video reviews, so please subscribe to our Youtube channel so you don’t miss out!


By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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