WRUK launches a dedicated Seagull 1963 Website

Seagull 1963 UK

Our most popular post on the site is our review of the Seagull 1963 Chinese airforce chronograph. Readers are clamouring for more information on the watch, so we have launched a new resource full of information about it. You can visit Seagull1963.co.uk to read more, and we would love to know your thoughts and what else you would like to see on the site.

WRUK launches a dedicated Seagull 1963 Website

In the 1960s, Chinese chronographs were almost exclusively imported from Switzerland and the Soviet Union. Uncomfortable with this situation, China’s Ministry of Light Industry launched an initiative to break the dependency and develop the production of timepieces made in the People’s Republic. Given the code number 304, the project set out to develop, test, and source nationally manufactured chronograph wristwatches for the Chinese air force.

Tianjin purchased the Cal.175 designs and machinery from Venus and promptly upgraded the original 17-jewel movement to their own ST19, a 19-jewel movement. The second round of prototypes was completed by 1963, the year which is added to the watch’s name by collectors outside of China. (Inside China the watch is named after the project code, and is referred to as the ‘304 Airforce chronograph’.)

This popular watch is a reissue of a design first created in the 1960s for pilots in the Chinese Air Force. At the new website, you will find guides, background information and links to where to buy a Seagull 1963 in the UK.


A Brief History of Watch-Making in China

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What Seagull 1963 Variants are Available?

Buy a Seagull 1963 in the UK

You can shop for Seagull 1963 watches on eBay or read our hands-on review.
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More information about the Seagull 1963 Chronograph

We have a sister website dedicated to this popular wristwatch. Visit Seagull1963.co.uk to read more about the watch, its variants and the history of Chinese watchmaking.

Seagull 1963 Wristwatch Review UK Presents – Seagull 1963

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4 Replies to “WRUK launches a dedicated Seagull 1963 Website

  1. A great value watch…but still Seagulls QC isn’t the same as in Switzerland or Germany. I had to go through a couple of these watches until I got a more or less flawless one. They all had problems with not perfectly resetting chrono seconds hands and minute hands, play in the wheel train so that the sec. Chrono hand had play…so on. Not very convincing in that regard. Also at least the ones with acrylic crystal all rattle a bit because of a slightly loose inner rehaut.

    1. I really like mine and as you said there is not much comparable in this price range. But it might take some good luck or a couple of times sending them back to a dealer to get a flawless one…at least if someone is picky like me. That’s why I would not buy in Asia direct or Ebay even if its cheaper than e.g. at the German distributor where I bought mine.

    2. I bought from a company in the Netherlands who ignored my emails when it arrived broken. They also ignored PayPal’s emails when I sought their help. So choose your seller carefully, or accept that you’ll have to think about adding the cost of a service onto what you pay.

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