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Buying a luxury watch can be intimidating, especially if you’re unsure of what to buy. You don’t want to purchase a watch which you will regret later on and then struggle to resell. Unlike other brands, Rolex is one of those brands which guarantees you a watch that will last over time and be made with the best quality craftsmanship.

The history of Rolex

The two brothers, Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis began importing Swiss watch movements into England so that other brands could use these movements in their design. Since then, the company has relocated back to Switzerland. A lot of Rolex’s success can be attributed to their marketing schemes and clever PR people. For example, the Rolex Submariner was worn by Sean Connery in the James Bond films and the Oyster also crossed the English Channel.

Rolex is now ranked as the 71st most valuable brand in the world. You ask someone to name a luxury watch brand, nine times out of ten they will say Rolex. It does just seem to be more well-known than other designers, like Omega or Patek Philippe for example.

The craftsmanship and detail which goes into creating Rolex watches

Throughout the years, Rolex has not really changed the design of their actual watches. Instead, they opt for minute changes that only watch fanatics would pick up on. Rolex watches are one of the most counterfeited in the world, so it’s essential that you know what you’re looking for so that you don’t get sold a fake that claims to be a real watch. Real Rolex watches often have tiny details which are difficult to copy, so look out for these.

Rolex watches as an investment

Rolex watches can make for a good investment, as most watches do lose value over time, but Rolex, not so much. Depending on the watch that you choose, Rolex watches can even increase value over time, depending on elements like exclusivity and design. To make sure that you get the best from your watch as an investment, make sure that you take good care of your watch box, receipts and paperwork. Saying that, don’t worry about actually using your Rolex – after all, they’re not made to just sit in the back of your wardrobe and not be touched.

Which Rolex watch holds its value the best?

In terms of colour, a stainless steel watch is the only way to go to ensure your watch will resell after use. Two-tone Rolex watches tend to hold their value less well than a classic stainless steel number.

The easiest way to ensure that the Rolex you’ve purchased will make you money is by buying a watch that is slightly more exclusive or limited edition. Rolex will often release watches that are limited edition models or there’s only a certain amount of them available. This type of watch is bound to be a great investment piece because of the simple notion that people always gravitate towards buying products that nobody has.

How much should you pay for a Rolex?

It all depends on whether it’s new or used. If you’re buying a new watch, there’s not much room for bartering when it comes to negotiating on price. However, if you’re buying a used watch, there tends to be more wiggle room on price. The entry-level price for a new Rolex is around £3,000, but there is not much of a price guide for second-hand watches. Set yourself a budget, and see which watch fits into that.

The killer question: Is a Rolex really worth it then?

Purchasing a Rolex can be worth it, if that’s what you desire, and it makes for a great investment. It’s key that before you take the plunge and buy a Rolex to properly do research and make sure that it fits into your lifestyle in terms of practicality and style.

If you want a Rolex and have to budget to do so, then it’s a classic option for a great luxury watch. Any watch can be seen as ‘worth it’ if you want it enough. Plus, it’s one of the most practical accessories that you can buy.

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