You might think that one watch suits all occasions, but just imagine checking the time on a plastic Mickey Mouse watch whilst at a black-tie event, or scratching a dress watch during a game of badminton? No matter what your personal style is, there is a watch to suit – and knowing what time-piece to go for is key to a great outfit.

Watches To Suit Every Style

We have covered 5 watches to suit every person – here are another four watches to suit every style!
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Timex IQ watch
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Gym Chic

Timex IQ

If you live in sportswear and are more likely to be found in the gym than in a business meeting, then a sports watch made from plastic is the choice for you. Usually found in bright colours and with a range of features such as GPS, calorie counting, heart rate tracking and step counting, a sports watch will not only look good but will help you keep fit.


Orient Bambino
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Black Tie

Orient Bambino

The wrong watch choice can really kill an outfit, so finding the perfect accompaniment to a fancy suit is vital if you want to make a good impression. A dress watch will compliment a tux, and the leather strap will add some class.


Seiko Solar Diver
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Business Casual

Seiko Solar Driver Chrono Watch

Nothing says ‘I run this place’ like a silver or gold chronograph or diver watch on your wrist. Whether it has a metal or a leather strap, the delicate features of these watches will add a bit of luxurious flair to your outfit without looking too flashy.


Casio F-91W
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Casio F-91W

Retro is the name of the game for anyone who wants to look like they’ve just stepped out of a screen-writing workshop at their local Starbucks, and to complete this relaxed, bohemian look an old Casio digital watch is the way to go. Complete with water-resistance, durability and a dated aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with an old favourite.


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