Vincero Icon Automatic Review

You’ve perhaps seen them on your Facebook feed – But are Vincero watches any good? We take a look at the Vincero Icon Automatic.

Vincero Icon Automatic Review

So, is Vincero another cheap non-name Chinese watch rebranded with a made-up back story, wrapped up in talk of “cutting out the middle man” and “affordable luxury”? Well, yes and no. There’s plenty of marketing fluff on the brand’s website but, behind the front, the Vincero Icon Automatic is actually a half-decent watch. I was sent this watch free of charge for review: bear that in mind when reading reviews of Vincero watches. RRP is £280 but, like so many watch brands, there’s always a discount code available!

Case and Movement

The Vincero Icon Automatic has a pretty conservative 41mm case. It exceeded my expectations – it has a sapphire crystal rather than mineral glass and inside is a Seiko NH35 movement, not the Miyota 8205 I would have expected in a fashion watch. That got things off to a good start. It wears well, it looks good, and everything feels solid and properly finished.

You may see similar-looking watches on DHGate, but the Vincero is finished to a decent standard, so full marks there.  I wasn’t so impressed with the inspirational message on the back of the case: it felt a bit tacky to me.

Dial and Hands

The deep blue dial has applied markers, all of which are set straight – it’s common in fashion watches for corners to be cut here, but not here. I liked the cut-out design of the hands – the lack of lume will make it impossible to see in low light, but dress watches aren’t really designed for that. Everything is conservative, but thinking of the brand’s target audience that’s not a bad thing.

Bracelet and Clasp

Again, my expectations were confounded. I expected hollow links, folded end-links, a cheap clasp and a rattly feel. It’s not the smoothest bracelet I’ve seen in this price range – that honour goes to Spinnaker – but it is a lot better than I expected. Solid links, solid end-links, a milled clasp and – very unusually – a quick release system. That’s right; this watch has a quick release bracelet like Christopher Ward’s – a brilliant idea that will make strap swaps simple and which I really like.

The only problem with the bracelet is the clasp: it’s a hidden butterfly design which means no micro-adjustment and Vincero hasn’t provided any half-links so you might struggle to get the perfect fit. It’s a common issue with this design, but still worthy of note if you are fussy about your watch bracelet size.

Vincero Icon Automatic – Video Review

What I Liked

  • The specifications are far better than most similarly-marketed fashion watches
  • The design is attractive, and the build quality is good
  • I love the quick-release bracelet – a super idea

What I Didn’t Like

  • I naturally shy away from this kind of brand – as do a lot of watch collectors
  • I felt the writing on the case back was a bit tacky
  • Lack of micro-adjustment on the clasp makes sizing tricky 

Vincero Icon Automatic – the WRUK Verdict

This watch will not be to everyone’s taste. Serious watch collectors are not going to start collecting Vincero watches. But if you want a watch that looks good and is well made for a Christmas gift, Vincero is a safe bet. The marketing will hit home with the less-obsessed watch fans, the design is conservative but attractive, and the build quality is above what I expect from a watch in this price range.

Yes, you can get an AVI-8 Flyboy Engineer for £50 less after your discount but is from a brand that punches above its weight with very aggressive pricing. I’d still pick a Spinnaker for a dive watch under £300 and an AVI-8 for an aviation watch at the same price – but if it’s a dress watch you desire then it is worth adding Vincero to your shortlist.

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By Mike Richmond

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