There are plenty of Kickstarter watches, but this one has great specs, a bargain price tag and is designed here in Britain: the Vaymont Ti Diver.

Vaymont Ti Diver Review

Titanium watches are still relatively rare. Our favourite thus far (discounting the ill-fated Hamtun Kraken H2) is the Spinnaker Tesei Titanium. It’s about to be knocked off its throne, though – the Vaymont Titanium Diver is that good.

At a glance

Vaymont Titanium Diver

Case size
Water Resistance
Miyota 9015

Vaymont is a new brand that is aggressively entering the market with a Kickstarter that offers the kind of specs that usually cost £300-£400 for less than £200. That got out attention straight away.

Case and Movement

The case of the Vaymont Titanium Diver is 40mm – that’s in-line with the classic Submariner but rather smaller than many modern dive watches. Everything has been scaled appropriately so it never looks like a small watch, and the case design does a good job of minimising the 14mm thickness. The bezel and case are all titanium, with a matt finish that looks really nice. Titanium is lighter than steel, so an already wearable watch becomes almost forgettable on the wrist, it is so comfortable.

Inside is a Miyota 9015 movement – that’s amazing at this price point, and in this regard the Vaymont Titanium Diver demolishes pretty much all of the competition – it’s far more common to find a low-beat movement at this end of the market.

The bezel and crown action is great, and I liked the nod to the Tudor Pelagos in the pointed crown guards. 40mm may be a touch small for modern tastes but I found that the Vaymont Titanium Diver was a great size, and easy to hide under a shirt sleeve. Even the case back is nicely finished, with a deeper engraving than the usual microbrand laser-etching.

Dial and Hands

The dial of the Vaymont Titanium Diver has lumed vintage-style markers that are very neatly and crisply applied. All the printing is excellent and the watch is very legible in all conditions. The snowflake hands are easy to read, and the vintage colour of the lume adds a touch of interest to the uncluttered face.

Complaints? I would have liked a date function, but many people prefer a no-date watch so that’s down to personal taste.

Strap and Buckle

The 20mm strap is made of Horween leather with a waterproof coating. It makes it feel rather stiff at first but I am sure it will wear in soon enough, and the same quality straps are sold for upwards of £80 by some other brands. Personally, I’d switch to something like an Artem sailcloth strap  – but that is purely my preference.

The buckle is also titanium, with a crisp Ti engraving. There is a bracelet option, too, but it was not ready for this prototype.

Vaymont Ti Diver – Video Review

What I Liked

What I Didn’t like

  • Excellent specifications for the money
  • Great design that wears well
  • A steal at £179
  • The 40mm case might be small for some people
  • A date function would have been nice
  • The strap will take a bit of breaking in to be at its best

Vaymont Ti Diver – The WRUK Verdict

Overall? I can’t think of many reasons not to back this watch – it’s good looking, great to wear and at the price, it’s a steal. Highly recommended

Buy a Vaymont Ti Diver

The Vaymont Ti Diver is now live on Kickstarter – click here to view the campaign.

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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