UNDONE Superman Kryptonian Decryptor

We got an unexpected surprise in our inbox this week: a glimpse of the new UNDONE Superman watch: the latest of the brand’s collaborations with DC.

UNDONE Superman: The Kryptonian Decryptor

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After the success of their Batman watches, UNDONE has returned to the world of DC Superheroes for inspiration for its new model: The Kryptonian Decryptor. The bezel has a unique feature: a code wheel to decipher Superman’s messages with his home planet Krypton. It is an updated version of the code based on the 1943 original “Secret Superman Code”. With a twist of the bezel, one can easily compose and decode secret messages written in Kryptonian.

UNDONE Superman Watch – Specifications

Of course, watch collectors will want to know what is inside the new watch.  It is powered by the venerable Seiko NH35A movement and comes in a 42.5mm diameter case which is 16mm thick (including the sapphire crystal). Water-resistance is 200m, making it a good general-purpose daily wearer. As always with UNDONE watches you get free worldwide shipping, a year’s warranty and a 14-day return period if you change your mind after receiving the watch.

Click the image to view the watch on UNDONE’s website

First Impressions of the UNDONE Kyptonian Decryptor Watch

We have only seen photos of the prototypes but the UNDONE Superman collaboration watch certainly looks the part. The Batman series got some really positive reviews, and we love the look of this watch – even if most users are unlikely ever to actually decrypt any Kryptonian codes with it!

Are UNDONE watches any good?

We have reviewed an UNDONE watch – the Urban Tropical – and we were very impressed with the build quality and the ability to customise your watch to your heart’s content. We did not see any customisation options for the Superman model, but you can rest assured that it will meet the same high standards as the rest of UNDONE’s products.

Buy an UNDONE Superman Watch

The UNDONE Superman Kryptonian Decryptor is available to preorder now at the special price of £339. The watch is expected to ship sometime around the end of July 2020, at which point the price will go up by about £100.

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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