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We don’t follow many other watch sites – there is so much choice and so little time – but one of our favourites is Zaltek Watch Reviews, which are always candid and honest. We caught up with Will Duncan, the man behind the site.

The WRUK Interview -Will Duncan from Zaltek Watch Reviews

Zaltek Reviews

Will Duncan Zaltek Watch Reviews
Will Duncan is the man behind Zaltek Watch Reviews

What watch are you wearing right now?

NTH Odin (black with date) and I think it’s gorgeous! Expect a great review of this one from me! I only just purchased it and it arrived today, so maybe I’m still in the “honeymoon” stage. Time will tell! (HA, see what I did there? – Just ignore me, too much coffee).
How did you get into watch collecting?
I think I got into watches at an early age having owned various Casio’s whilst at school way in the ’80s. After leaving school I joined the Army and always had either a G10 quartz or a Casio G-Shock on my wrist. I think it was these watches that got me into collecting as such. However, it wasn’t until after I left the Army years later, that I began to appreciate mechanical watches and began to research movements etc and was intrigued as to how they work and wanted to learn more. Even today, I’m still learning and I love it.
What is the story behind the name Zaltek Reviews?
There is no story as such, Zaltek is just a name that I’ve always been associated with, especially online, whether it be gaming, business-related or something simple like a forum username (although being honest, I don’t really bother with forums much these days).
Zaltek watch reviews are very honest – what’s the ethos behind the site?
In my opinion, nothing speaks louder than the truth. (You can’t handle the truth! – Jack Nicholson, A Few Good Men) (FFS – I need to get out more!). Anyway, I pride myself in saying exactly how it is when I review a watch. If it’s great, I’ll say so and explain why I think it’s great. I’ll use the exact same ethos if I think a watch is simply put, shite! I’ve got myself into a little bother with some watch companies in the past but to be frank, I really don’t give a toss. Watch companies should have confidence in their products and if they’ve made a watch and cut corners where they didn’t have to, I’ll bring it to peoples attention.
What is the best watch you have reviewed so far on Zaltek Watch Reviews?
So far? It has to be the Newmark 71 for me. The whole design and spec just grabbed my attention. When I seen images of it online, I just had to review one and sent an email to the owner, Ewan almost immediately. When the watch arrived, I was totally blown away with the design and fit & finish. It’s just outstanding! I was totally gutted when I had to send it back. I did order one though so it’s all good.

Newmark 71 Zaltek Watch Reviews
Newmark 71 – photo by Zaltek Reviews
It’s apparent you like microbrands, which brands are your favourites?

My favourite microbrands are the ones who you just know are owned by watch enthusiasts. You can always tell the difference between some piece of shit that’s been made just to make money and from a watch enthusiast who owns the company. It’s all about the attention to detail, the fit & finish, the spec and of course the price. If I had to name specific companies, well, from the top of my head they’d be: Zelos, NTH, Newmark, Nodus & Isotope. Helm are supposed to be up there too, but I haven’t managed to get hold of any review samples. Oh yeah, and a shout out to HKEd & EMG Watches, I love their brilliant Nemo diver. 

Are there any watch brands you would love to review?
I’m open to reviewing most watch brands, mainly divers, sports watches or chronographs. I’m not keen on reviewing ridiculously expensive watches as I try and keep the reviews to watches that are affordable. If I had to name a brand that I would love to review, it’d probably be Sinn and one of their 104 watches. I have reached out to them but got hee haw joy, not even from ADs. Ach well, never mind. I wouldn’t mind looking at Monta watches too, but their prices are rather high. Still, a press loaner for a week would be nice.
Getting back down to earth, there are other brands that I’d like to work with, for instance, Spinnaker, Phoibos or Steinhart for example. I do try to maintain my focus on microbrands though, as I think the buyer is getting a far better deal without authorised dealers or brand ambassadors demanding X amount of cash from the companies marketing budget. BALLS to that, I don’t want to pay as an end-user for some ‘half-famous B-lister cockwomble’ who wears the watch once then totally forgets about it. That’s not marketing, just a ridiculous waste of money in my opinion.
What are your plans for the site going forward?
Going forward? Reviews man, and loads of them! I won’t venture into ‘stupidly expensive luxury watches’ like a lot of other reviewers do. If I have to watch another pleb on YouTube saying Rolex Submariner or Omega Speedmaster, blah blah blah, I think I’ll put my size 10 through the TV. Talking of YouTube, I have been asked if I’ll venture into doing watch reviews on YouTube. The simple answer is NO! I’m Scottish and my accent isn’t as clear as the lads from Scottish Watches or Jody from Just One More Watch. Plus I swear a lot! You might have noticed.  🙂
Where can people read Zaltek Reviews?
zaltekreviews.com and you can see my “incoming” watch pics over on Instagram @zaltekreviews. 
Thanks, Will for taking the time to answer our questions!

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