Cumbria Watch Repair

We were pleased to hear that Dan Hodge, a well-respected watch technician here in the UK, has opened Cumbria Watch Repair. We asked him to tell us more.

The WRUK Interview – Dan Hodge of Cumbria Watch Repair

WRUK: What got you into watches in the first place?

Dan Hodge: I have always had a passion for jewellery and watches, my Dad used to collect pocket watches and Mum used to collect jewellery so I grew up around it. Years ago I was on holiday and this girl used to turn up near the bar every evening and set up a jewellery stand, I used to look at it and realised that the selection of jewellery for men was rubbish.

When I got home I enrolled on a jewellery making course, and Jewellery 4 Blokes was born. As time went on my love for horology came back to me and the natural extension for jewellery was watches and straps, and my path started to unfold. Starting my own small watch brand was the next step, but for me it was crucial that I understood everything if I was to make watches.

WRUK: So why move into watch repair?

Cumbria Watch Repair

DH: As more time has gone on I realised that what I really enjoyed was being a watchmaker and repairer, so I poured everything I had as time progressed into tools and now I have opened “Cumbria Watch Repair” based in Kendal Cumbria. I was fortunate to be offered space in a long-established jewellers that was rebranding and changing its focus, so at the same time “Morgan Banks”has opened with me inside their high street location – we make a great team as Lesley and Peter love to try new ideas and challenges. (Jewellery 4 Blokes has now closed – I am now all about watches – choose one thing and do it well!)

WRUK: You also act as a service centre for microbrands, tell us more about that side of the business.

From my time in around the microbrand industry, which i love, it became obvious that there are many great brands out there that could do with support as the hardest thing about running a brand is dealing with international logistics. With this in mind I have offered trade accounts and trade pricing to any brand that wants a base in the UK and Europe. So far I have been working with some great brands and have a great network of growing friends in the “brand owner” world. I always prioritise Microbrand business and insist on frequent communication about any issues and it works well, what you see is what you get with me, and I always aim to please. I can hold stock for parts for brands, parts I purchase on their behalf are priced out at cost, it’s very transparent and affordable.

Cumbria Watch Repair

You can find out more about Dan’s services – either as a member of the public or a brand-owner – at his website 28 Days Earlier.

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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