We bring you a review of a watch from a British brand with a long history. How does the Swan & Edgar World Timer Automatic fare in a week on the wrist?

Swan & Edgar World Timer Automatic Review

The company were kind enough to lend me the Swan & Edgar World Timer Automatic for a week to put it through its paces. My first impressions were good: the watch arrived in a solid box and it looks great and feels suitably heavy. This watch is dedicated to space travel, featuring the Earth, Moon and Mars on the dial. RRP is a very reasonable £230.


The World Timer Automatic is clearly inspired by the Omega Speedmaster Moon to Mars but, on closer inspection, it has some big differences. Most obvious is the gargantuan 51mm diameter. You certainly won’t forget you are wearing this watch! Having said that, it is well balanced and the chunky bracelet does offset some of that mass.

At the front is a mineral crystal, and at the back is a superb 3D case back design. I often moan about lightly etched designs on watch cases but no complaints here! The internal bezel for the world timer rotates smoothly and is not easy to accidentally nudge.

Dial and hands

The dial is imprinted with stars which, whilst falling short of the Aventurine dial of the Solas Starlight, does look good. There are plenty of applied features to add depth and the printing on the dials is spot on. This is one good looking watch that attracted a lot of interest.

In my first impressions video I struggled to understand the purpose of the dials: there is a day and month dial at the top, and the final dial at the bottom indicates the time in 24-hour format. A date function tops off the package, leaving a dial that is full but not overly cluttered. I did struggle to read the dials, they are very small and because of the earth, moon and mars designs there is not much contrast between background and text.

The movement is not stated, so I would assume it is the same Chinese movement that you will find in Parnis watches. There is a five-year warranty so if you have any concerns about reliability of a “no name” watch movement this will be reassuring.

Bracelet and Clasp

The bracelet is really well made. It is solid and not too rattly, with a satisfying click as you close the butterfly deployant. It is comfortable to wear and the mid and end links are all solid – much better than the folded bracelets you tend to find on watches in this price range.

Swan & Edgar World Timer Automatic Video Review

What I Liked

  • This is a striking-looking watch that makes a bold statement
  • The World Timer bezel works well and is almost unique in this price range
  • Build quality is excellent throughout

What I Didn’t Like

  • The large size and heft will put a lot of people off this watch
  • It is quite hard to read the tiny sub-dials
  • Sapphire glass would have been a nice upgrade to the specifications

Swan & Edgar World Timer Automatic – The WRUK Verdict

Overall, I was impressed with the Swan & Edgar World Timer. From the renders on the brand’s website I was expecting a much more flimsy fashion watch but I was pleasantly surprised to receive a solid-feeling watch that looks good and oozes build quality. If you can get past the sheer size of the thing and do not mind wearing an homage to the Omega Speedmaster you get a lot of watch for your money.

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Author: Mike Richmond

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