Steve McQueen

Decades on from his untimely death, Steve McQueen’s legacy goes on. When it comes to watches, he is inextricably linked with TAG Heuer. The image of him suited up in race gear, wearing a Monaco is the epitome of cool.

Steve McQueen: The Man, the Myth – and the Monaco have kindly shared this infographic with us to support a feature on their website and about the man, the myth – and the Monaco.

Here are some of the facts about Steve McQueen from the Rox article:

  • His father was a stunt pilot for a barnstorming flying circus and left his mother shortly after meeting her.
  • He was once caught red-handed by police while he stole hubcaps, and handed over to his stepfather, who beat him severely.
  • McQueen was offered the male lead in Breakfast at Tiffany’s but couldn’t accept due to other commitments.
  • The actor would demand free items such as electric razors and jeans from studios while filming with them. Later it was revealed that all items went to the California Junior Boys Republic reformatory in Chino Hills where he spent his childhood.
  • He volunteered to serve on a ship once he left the California Junior Boys Republic reformatory at the age of 16. On reaching Dominican Republic with the crew, he abandoned the ship and got a job as a towel boy in a brothel.
  • A pair of blue-tinted Persol sunglasses worn by McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair was auctioned off in 2006, selling for $70,200.

You can read more about Steve McQueen over at – and if you are tempted to buy a watch you can shop at Rox for a TAG Heuer Monaco as worn by the man himself. You can learn more about the history of TAG Heuer in our “About the Brand” feature.

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By Mike Richmond

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