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We’re not really Smartwatch users here at WRUK – we change watches so often that the battery life of a smart watch would make it more of a hindrance than a help. Every now and again, though, we see something that impresses us so much that we think twice about being such philistines.

There’s one thing we most certainly do love, though, and that is the Star Wars Movies. That’s why we perked up when one of our readers sent us a link to this video which we published on our Facebook page.

Star Wars Smartwatch

Most people of a certain age have a love of all things Star Wars, and the Christmas release of yet another entry into the franchise is most certainly going to continue to add to that number. We all dreamed as kids of flying an X-Wing (or in this case, a TIE fighter) and this Android Wear face is about as close as most of us are ever likely to get.

Star Wars Smartwatch
Huawei smartwatch at Amazon

Star Wars Smartwatch – These are the (An)droids You’re Looking For

The watch in the video appears to be a Samsung Galaxy Gear, which is priced just north of £350 – a lot of money to spend on a gimmick. A similar looking – but far cheaper – alternative smartwatch from Huawei can be bought on Amazon.

The Android Wear Star Wars TIE Fighter and X Wing watch face app can be found here. There are loads of other retro watch faces on there and one of the real bonuses of having a smart watch is that you can change the face whenever you fancy a change.

Android Smart Watches

Now we are most definitely not smartwatch experts at WRUK so you’re on your own setting up and installing the Star Wars smartwatch app on your Android wear smart watch device. If you succeed, please contact us with details and we’ll publish it as a guide on the site.

[EDIT – Reader Mark Fisher has succeeded in installing the app!]

He says: “first you need to install the Facer app on your phone, then go to the watch and install the app to the watch. Open up the app on your phone, search for the face you like and simply send it to your watch. 

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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