Spinnaker Wreck SP-5089 Review

When it comes to bang per buck, Spinnaker has been one of our top picks for some time. This week we take a look at the new Spinnaker Wreck model.

Spinnaker Wreck SP-5089 Review

Spinnaker kindly sent over two versions of the new Spinnaker Wreck: the £250 red bezel version on strap, or the £275 variant with a jubilee bracelet. Of course those prices will be 15% lower with the WRUK discount code at checkout. After the Pelican case of the Spinnaker Tesei Titanium I was a little disappointed to find these watches back in the standard two-piece cardboard box but if it keeps costs down I’m in favour of the more spartan packaging.


The 43mm case wears smaller than you would expect: the Spinnaker Wreck is very comfortable on the wrist whether paired with a leather strap or a metal jubile bracelet. The metal has been artificially aged which gives it a matt texture, and finishing is to Spinnaker’s usual high standards. The Seiko NH35 movement is encased behind a solid case back – a sensible choice – and the engraving is adequate but not mind-blowing. The screw-down crown is easy to operate. 

I liked the way the watch feels in the hand, it’s not going to convince you it’s a genuine vintage watch but it does have a pleasing “worn in” feel that I enjoyed. The bezel is excellent, with a loud positive click and virtually no backplay. I’m not convinced by the aged effect of the steel but I know there is a whole community of watch collectors who love this kind of thing. Overall, very good for the money and to the usual Spinnaker standards.

 Dial and Hands

The dial is printed with a vintage effect – not hand-scratched like the Christopher Ward Ombre but you wouldn’t expect that at this price point. Spinnaker dials usually ave depth and even in this vintage design, the brand has managed to add some interesting features: artificially aged lume, and recessed text. The Spinnaker Wreck brings to mind the Tudor Black Bay in both its case design and dial. The hands, however, are a modern “arrow” style which I thought was an unusual design choice. 

Personally, I am not a fan of the vintage look. I would say that the dial does not look as good up close as it does from wrist distance, with the printing being very “obvious” up-close. If you enjoy the vintage styling, though, this will tick all the boxes.

Strap and Bracelet

I am a huge fan of Spinnaker straps: I think it is what sets them out from all the other brands in the same price range. They are always thick, well-stitched and comfortable. The Spinnaker Wreck strap is no exception. The solid-link jubilee bracelet is also superb, with a vintaged finish just like the watch case. Personally, I would pay the extra for the bracelet and buy the strap separately but neither will disappoint.

  Spinnaker Wreck SP-5089 – Video Review

What I Liked

  • Spinnaker’s build quality is superb, as always
  • Lots of choice of colour and strap means you can make your perfect vintage-style watch
  • For the money, the watches represent excellent value

What I Didn’t Like

  • I’d have liked some special “vintage” packaging rather than the standard box
  • The dial printing doesn’t stand up to close scrutiny 
  • I would have preferred vintage-style hands

Spinnaker Wreck SP-5089 – The WRUK Verdict

I really struggled to pick three negatives about this watch. It is well made, it wears well and the specification is spot-on for the price. I’ve complained that Spinnaker has moved its pricing upmarket of late, but this watch is positioned at a perfect sub-£250 price point. Not everyone will like the vintage style; I’d like to see the same watch in a non-distressed option; it could be a true affordable alternative to the Tudor Black Bay. Once again, Spinnaker has produced a great quality watch at a great price.

Buy a Spinnaker Wreck SP-5089

You can buy a Spinnaker Wreck SP-5089 at Spinnaker’s website – and don’t forget to use our 20% off discount code WRUK at the checkout when you buy a Spinnaker watch.

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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