Spinnaker Tesei Titanium SP-5084 Watch Review

Back in 2018, we reviewed our first watch: The Spinnaker Tesei Titanium. Now the brand is back with an updated and improved version.

Spinnaker Tesei Titanium SP-5084 Review

First things first, we’ve always commented on the functional cardboard boxes of Spinnaker watches. They did the job but were hardly setting the standards in the price range. This all changes with the Tesei Titanium SP-5084, which arrives in a sizeable, well-padded pelican case. The case is truly excellent and really makes the watch feel like a premium product.


The 43mm case looks the same as the previous model, fashioned from solid titanium. The new case back features an updated Spinnaker logo and, although only lightly etched, is very clear against the natural matt finish of the metal. I very much prefer it to the display case back on the older model. The watch is just 13mm thick but wears smaller thanks to the light material it is constructed from.

Inside the watch is the venerable Seiko NH-35 movement, which is always a good choice at this price range. It is also a significantly better choice than the 8-series Miyota in the original Tesei models. Other specs are as you’d expect: a signed crown, sapphire crystal and the usual, well-balanced Spinnaker wrist-feel. My only concern with the watch is that Titanium marks easily so it will not stay looking new for long.

Dial and Hands

At first glance, there seems to be little chance from the old watch, but the new Tesei Titanium upgrades its predecessor in a number of areas: the already great lume is now Swiss Super Luminova X1 that further increases its performance and longevity under low light conditions. It is as easy to read as before and the design makes the watch easy to read – essential in a tool watch. Everything down to the metal surrounds on the dial markers and date window is well-finished and oozes quality.

Downsides? The lume and bezel markings are different colours and the AR coating on the crystal takes the edge somewhat off the stunning textured dial.


One of the downsides of the last Tesei watch for me was its Cordura strap which I found a bit stiff. Once again, Spinnaker has listened and replaced it with a titanium bracelet: lightweight but strong. Titanium is light and so I almost forgot I was wearing it despite the added mass of the bracelet. It’s the same design as the tried and tested Spinnaker steel bracelets. Removable links are fitted with (tight) push-pins: it was a challenge getting them out so once fitted to your wrist the bracelet is not going to fall apart!

I did notice a couple of minor niggles with the bracelet: the tolerances seem greater than the steel bracelets and I can just see some of the pins that hold the links together in certain conditions – I’ve never noticed this on the steel bracelets. The other, more significant problem is the clasp: it has a clip out diver’s extension but it’s a fraction of a millimetre too long to fit in the clasp if you use the tightest micro-adjustment hole. This means that some people cannot achieve a perfect bracelet fit because only two of the three positions can be used.

Spinnaker Tesei Titanium SP-5084 Video Review

What I Liked

  • I love the titanium build. On a bracelet it feels superb: light but strong
  • The Seiko NH35 24-jewel movement is an excellent choice when it comes to accuracy and reliability
  • The new branded pelican case is absolutely superb

What I Didn’t Like

  • The bracelet cannot be set to its tightest micro-adjustment because the diver’s extension doesn’t fit fully inside the clasp, preventing you from closing it securely.
  • Titanium shows scratches clearly thanks to them breathing its naturally dull finish and appearing shiny – if you like your watches to look pristine then choose a steel-cased model.
  • The price (£495) is close to some very significant players in the diver’s watch market: for example, you can often pick up a Christopher Ward in the sales for around that kind of money.

Spinnaker Tesei Titanium SP-5084 – The WRUK Verdict

Spinnaker has really listened to reviewers and, lately, every new watch it brings out is better than the last. This new Tesei improves upon almost everything I disliked about the original watch: notably the strap and the movement. 

The only downside of all these improvements is that the price has crept up, from £350 to £500. Having said that, Spinnaker has even solved that problem as you can now buy direct from the UK so won’t have to add 20% import VAT plus a handling charge to the asking price: plus with code WRUK you’ll get an extra 15% off.

Buy a Spinnaker Tesei Titanium watch 

You can buy Spinnaker watches at their website – and don’t forget to use our 20% off discount code MICHAELRICHMOND20 at the checkout when you buy a Spinnaker watch.

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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