Ever thought to yourself, “I’d like to know what time it is, but only roughly”? If so, then the Seizmont Timur Calm is the watch for you!

Seizmont Timur Calm 24 Hour Watch Review

Seizmont ship the Timur Calm in a cardboard box, which is perfectly fine for a watch at the asking price (£119) but hardly sets new standards for presentation. Without wanting to spoil the rest of the review, I can only ever imagine this watch being given as a gift, so a presentation box is welcome. It’s made of a simple card, so it will be easy to recycle if you wish – and is sturdy enough to store the watch in if you do keep it. Full disclosure: Trendhim provided this review watch to us free of charge.

Case and Movement

The Seizmont Timur Calm is based around a Swiss Ronda 505.24H movement. I really don’t see the added value that Swiss gives when it comes to quartz movements – Japanese models being just as accurate and a lot cheaper – but the watch is still at a relatively low price point, so at least they’ve not used it as a way to artificially inflate the RRP. In this configuration, it has just a single 24-hour hand. The 316L stainless steel case is finished in a gunmetal-type colour, which is a real fingerprint magnet. I found it impossible to keep the watch free from marks after handling it.

Dimensions are 40mmx8mm (I measured it at 8.5mm, which may be due to the double-domed sapphire crystal) with a 20mm lug width. I’ve got to say; the specifications are pretty impressive for the price – albeit this is a quartz watch. It wears comfortably, with a weight of just 48g.

Dial and Hands

The problem with the Seizmont Timur Calm comes when you try to use it… The single hand is in a gunmetal colour like that of the case and set against a glossy black dial. The absence of contrast is compounded by the nature of the watch, not just as a single-hander but a 24-hour single-hander. The best you can hope for is to measure the time approximately in 10-minute intervals and, in practice, even this is difficult in anything but bright indirect light.

The printing on the dial is perfectly adequate, and the finishing of the hand is fine for the asking price. Seizmont has placed “12” at the top and “0” at the bottom of the dial. In time, perhaps you would be able to unlearn a lifetime’s time-telling and work out how to tell the time at a glance, but, in my opinion, this is a novelty piece through and through.

Strap and Buckle

The strap is marketed as being genuine leather, although the review sample has no markings to indicate this. Whether it’s real or faux-leather, it is soft, supple and comfortable – certainly, one of the better watch straps I have seen lately, and I have no complaints for the money.

The buckle, a simple tang, is finished in the same material as the case, so it also picks up fingerprints. It does the job, and that’s about all I can say when it comes to reviewing a watch buckle!

Seizmont Timur Calm – Video Review

What I Liked

  • The case is nicely finished, with an interesting shape
  • The strap feels very supple and comfortable, whether it’s genuine leather or not
  • Fair play to Seizmont for trying something new!

What I Didn’t Like

  • The finish on the case picks up fingerprints really easily
  • It is really difficult to tell the time, due to both the design and the colour of the single hand
  • £119 is just too expensive for a watch that is basically a novelty  

Seizmont Timur Calm – the WRUK Verdict

The trouble with the Seizmont Timur Calm is that I would consider picking a couple up as fun Christmas gifts if not for the price. For this watch, the decision to include quality components like a Swiss movement and sapphire glass actually puts me off, as it makes it too expensive for an impulse purchase. I was actually surprised – when I searched eBay for 24-hour single handed watches – to find that £100 seems to be about the average price for such a watch. 

However, even though the price is fair for the specs, if I was spending £120 on a gift, I’d choose something better – and I cannot see many watch enthusiasts buying a Seizmont Timur Calm for  themselves. If you can pick one up with a big discount, you might well enjoy this watch – but unfortunately, I cannot recommend it at the recommended retail price.

Buy a Seizmont Timur Calm

You can buy a Seizmont Timur Calm from Trendhim online for £119.



By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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