Seiko Men's black watch

Somewhat of an underdog in the mid-range watch market, among owners, Seiko have a fantastic reputation for making reliable, high-quality watches. We spent a week wearing the Seiko Men’s Black IP Steel watch, and here is what we thought.

A Week on the Wrist – Seiko Men’s Black IP Steel Watch

Pioneering Japanese watchmaking for over a century, Seiko are certainly top of mind for those in the market for an innovative, reasonably priced watch.

The first thing you notice when receiving this watch is the packaging – much higher quality than you may expect from a watch in this price range. Opening the box reveals a striking but different wrist piece, primarily black in colour with obvious and bright orange numbers and hands. Unlike more traditional watches with leather or metal straps, this piece opts for the canvas strap but somehow looks as elegant as alternative materials.

What we liked

  • Visual impact. Within the week I had a number of people comment on the watch, it certainly stands out in a crowd and doesn’t blend in with traditionally coloured watches.
  • Although the strap is made of canvas, there is a comfortable inner leather layer that is easy to clean off sweat and feels comfortable on the wrist.
  • Luminous hands. Yes, this is a common feature on watches, but the bright orange colour really makes this pop in the dark.

What we didn’t like

  • Honestly? Not a lot. The only one concern with this and any watch with a canvas strap is wear and tear over time making the watch look tatty, but this certainly showed no signs of happening after a week.

Seiko Men's Black watchSeiko Men’s Black IP Steel Watch – The WRUK Verdict

If you are in the market for a watch around the £200 mark, this should certainly be a contender. Smart enough to look good with a suit or casual enough to wear down the pub.

Buy a Seiko Men’s Black IP Steel Orange Detail Canvas Strap

You can buy the Seiko Men’s Black IP Steel Orange Detail Canvas Strap watch by clicking here. Most high street jewellers like H Samuel stock Seiko watches.




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