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Seiko Lord watches are the Japanese brand’s high-mid range offering. Sitting in the product line up above the budget Seiko 5 range but beneath the high-end King and luxury Grand Seiko watches, they feature a high-quality movement and level of finishing, but at an affordable price. The Volkswagen to Seiko’s Audi, if you like. My Seiko Lord Quartz is special to me because it is my “birth year” watch – it, like me, turns 40 in 2018.

Long Term Review – Seiko Lord Quartz watch

This is a relatively early example of a battery-powered quartz watch. Seiko, of course, pioneered quartz watchmaking back in the 1970s. It is easy to forget that at one time, what we now think of as a cheap, disposable option was considered to be the absolute pinnacle of watchmaking technology. The big Swiss brands really struggled back in what was dubbed “The Quartz Crisis”, as inexpensive far-eastern watches began to dominate the market.

Insofar as design goes, like many watches of the late 1970s, this watch is very much inspired by the Rolex Datejust. Indeed it resembles the rare Rolex Oysterquartz more than anything else. Time has been relatively kind to my Seiko Lord Quartz and it has acquired a very attractive brown patina to the dial. It has certainly aged far better than I!

Seiko Lord Quartz Watch Review

At 36mm, the Seiko Lord Quartz is small by today’s standards, but it has the refined elegance of a time gone by and it looks great with a suit. Batteries are still readily available, and it keeps great time. I particularly like the day and date feature – this is rare on a quartz watch nowadays and sets it out from the crowd. I don’t think that the bracelet is original, but it matches the watch well and I could easilty imagine it on a strap. Perhaps the only negative is that people have told me that the Lord Quartz logo somewhat resembles a crude drawing of a gentleman’s private parts…

Buy a Seiko Lord Quartz watch

The only place you’re going to find a 1978 watch on the internet is probably eBay, but the Lord name lives on and Seiko have a range of smashing-looking new Seiko Lord timepieces. You can check out the range at Amazon.

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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