RZE Resolute Watch Review

Sometimes, a watch comes along that makes you stop and think. Designed primarily as a field watch, the RZE Resolute (rebranded from Reise Resolute) is one of those that is built for one function but actually transcends its original design idea. Comfortable and versatile, it is a watch that you could actually wear in any situation. It is not trying to be a clone of a superior brand, nor something that is hyped up by marketing to end up as a disappointment when it arrives. It truly is a no-nonsense practical timepiece that deserves to be an addition to your collection (running on the assumption that, as you are reading this, you must have more than a passing interest in watches and more than a single watch in your life). It is different but also familiar in its design.

RZE Resolute Review

The watch was launched on Kick-starter in August 2020, and they smashed their intended initial $30,000 target in only 6 minutes, ending up with $180,000 of investment backing the watch. All orders were fulfilled ahead of schedule by January 2021. Feedback from other owners states that no scratches were visible on their watches after being bumped about in daily use, creating a watch that can be used and abused, then worn in a formal setting without it looking like it had been through a blender.


The designer was heavily influenced by German tool watches like Sinn and Damasko, and this shows in the final product. Assembled from lightweight Titanium, the 40.5mm case (excluding crown) has an ULTRAHex coating of up to 1200Hv hardness, giving greater tensile strength than the rivets that hold aircraft together under huge forces and stress. It is 11.5mm thick with a 46mm lug to lug length. The lugs are drilled, allowing easy strap changing. The 7mm crown is screw-down with a custom engraved logo – feeling solid when unscrewed to set the time and date. The screw-down case back is also made from solid titanium with a VITON gasket, being resistant to chemicals. It is waterproof to 100m/ 330ft/ 10ATM, more than sufficient for wearing in most circumstances.


The dial is summed up in one word – balanced. Minimal writing reinforces the purpose of the watch  – telling the time without distractions of a small book being added, as some dials have. It is sand textured with applied indexes. Swiss Superluminova C3 and BGW9 have been used to provide good visibility in dark conditions. Sapphire crystal with inner-side Super-AR provided both protection and legibility. Neither too large nor too small, even the hands have even been carefully thought about and selected to allow simple yet effective indication of the time. It is just a joy to look at, even stare at for longer than needed. even though a quick glance gives you a clear indication of the time that you want to know. The date window is situated in the 3 o’clock position, just where you would expect it. You could say that the dial is ‘comfortable’, laid out just as you need it to be for no-nonsense time checking.


The SII NH35A automatic movement is a proven workhorse. A 41-hour power reserve, 21.600vph, 24 jewel self-winding movement is the power-house of many microbrands now, and as Seiko make it, it is very reliable, a bit like the AK-47 rifle is the weapon of choice in certain place around the world. Dependability and simplicity go hand in hand when you need something to last!


The 20mm custom canvas strap has a leather backing and custom titanium hardware. It tapers down to 18mm at the buckle. Complimenting the case comfort, it secures the watch to your wrist safely and comfortably, feeling like it is not there after a while – I did have a panic-check at one point as it felt like my wrist was empty, but it was still there! There is also the option of a matching Titanium strap, but those were out of stock when I got the watch. It must look awesome on that and would be my combination choice if going out and about for a few days.


It looks like such a simple watch, but that is only accomplished by careful design and attention to detail. The Resolute has its praises sung by me because it deserves it. I’ve ‘a lot’ of watches so I can be picky as I’ve seen a lot more and this has genuinely impressed me. The Resolute is ultra-tough and ultra-comfortable. Being made of Titanium makes it a great choice as a tool watch. It only weighs in at a lightweight 65g, so is not a heavy addition when packing if weight is critical to your plan. The design is clear and no-nonsense, adding nothing that is not needed but being functional to those who need to know the time. To only wear it as a daily watch lets it down. You need to wear it when climbing a mountain or trekking through a deep gorge to really understand how useful and effective this timepiece is. You could genuinely use this watch to hammer tent pegs into the ground! Or, you can just wear it on your wrist, anywhere, and still appreciate that it is actually a tiny technical work of art that has been designed as much to please the eye as it has been designed to be a functional item. This could be a cornerstone timepiece to a small watch collection. To sum up, spec-list verses specifications, buying it is a no-brainer. I would choose this over some multi-thousand pound watches in my collection as a credible design that actually stands out from the myriad microbrands trying to get your attention and money. It is a concept watch that actually sets the bar high. For a very affordable  $399, you simply cannot go wrong…

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The RZE Resolute is available from www.rzewatches.com

By Keith Campbell

After spending 16 years circumnavigating the globe and going up-diddly-up as part of the Royal Air Force, Keith became a Professional Aviation Photographer. His natural progression to watch product photography came after companies approached him due to the images he was creating of his own watch collection with an aviation theme. He now works with over 50 watch brands, from the majors to micro brands. His aviation (and Star Wars) work can be found and purchased via his website at www.captureasecond.com along with @captureasecond on both Instagram and Twitter. Worth following out of morbid curiosity!

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