Keith Campbell takes a look at Ritche Watch Bands  – some rugged straps to change up the look of your wristwatch.

Ritche Watch Bands Review

Whether you are a rugged outdoor type who is so active that you tear and destroy straps whilst hanging off a mountainside with one finger, or you just want a bit of variety from the supplied strap you got with your watch, most people want to change their watch strap at some point.

I was sent a pile of silicone straps from Ritche Watch Bands, and, I must say, I rather like them! With 125ish designs to choose from, there is something for almost everyone. From Alligator to Sailcloth to canvas Apple straps, they should have what they are after, even if you did not realise you were after it!

Yes, they are budget-priced, but the quality far outweighs the money paid. They come in their own individual plastic bag, which is sufficient packaging for me, having had straps turn up in elaborate individual card or wooden boxes in the past – this also helps to keep costs down, which they can pass onto the consumer.

The straps have quick-release pins across their entire strap range (I have no idea why more companies do not use these!), so, theoretically, you can set off on your travels for a while and swap straps on the go (silicone for the beach and then one of their leather straps for the evening dinner). Unlike other ‘budget’ straps I’ve had in the past, the buckle presented here is built to a high quality as well, with a very solid feel that holds the strap together securely.

With the silicone straps, I was sent, I also received something I had never had before. Each pack contains three sections, one with the buckle and then two different lengths for the reciprocal end which is an absolutely brilliant idea as you can match the strap length to your requirement. The choice of both lengths being supplied would allow you to wear it normally on your wrist and then swap it if you want to wear the watch over a diving suit or ski jacket. The moulding is crisp, with no stray moulding marks visible at the joins on the straps.

Silicone straps are totally synthetic – whereas rubber straps are a product of combining synthetic and natural components. Rubber does add durability, making them more resistant over time to saltwater and sweat.

There is also a notch at the end of the silicone strap that allows it to lock into the second keeper on the other strap to save the end of the strap from sliding out – very inventive!

Out of the packet, they appear very soft and ‘bendy’. 3mm thick is about right to allow security on the wrist and a little bit of stretch for comfort.

On the wrist, they are extremely comfortable indeed. Very soft and pliable, they hug the wrist well. Having worn similar-looking straps that retail as several times the price of these, I am very impressed.

Ricthe Straps – the WRUK Verdict

Would I recommend Ritche silicone straps? Yes, I would. They have the look and feel of a much more expensive strap and, having worn them on some heavy watches, including the Hamilton Khaki Aviation Takeoff Chrono whilst flying, the straps are safe and secure.

For the price they cost, you can very several to match colours in your watches and ‘try’ something a bit different as well. The quest for the perfect strap for your watches is a deeply personal one – what you think is perfect may be the worst combination conceivable to a purist.

Some people have boxes of straps that they buy once, fit once for a specific watch for a specific task and then take it off and put it in the ‘box of straps’ where it slowly gets covered by new straps bought for exactly the same thing. I am currently filling my third box of straps at the moment so I am guilty of this myself.

However, these straps have the look and feel that they are good enough to remain firm favourites and to stay on some of the watches I have put them onto. They are certainly worth considering if you want a good quality, cost-effective strap that will stand up to everyday use.

Buy a Ritche Wand Band

You can pick up Ritche Watch Bands from Amazon UK.

By Keith Campbell

After spending 16 years circumnavigating the globe and going up-diddly-up as part of the Royal Air Force, Keith became a Professional Aviation Photographer. His natural progression to watch product photography came after companies approached him due to the images he was creating of his own watch collection with an aviation theme. He now works with over 50 watch brands, from the majors to micro brands. His aviation (and Star Wars) work can be found and purchased via his website at along with @captureasecond on both Instagram and Twitter. Worth following out of morbid curiosity!

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