Peaky Blinders pocket watchProgramme Name: Peaky Blinders - TX: n/a - Episode: Episode 1 (No. 1) - Picture Shows: Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson), John Shelby (Joe Cole), Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) - (C) Mandabach TV - Photographer: Robert Viglasky

According to the Birmingham Mail, the continuing popularity of TV show Peaky Blinders has led to a shortage of pocket watches in the Birmingham area. The paper says that demand has soared for the old-fashioned timepieces as the TV drama influences men’s fashion. Now the series is on its way back, find out how to shop for a Peaky Blinders pocket watch on the internet and get the look for less!

Peaky Blinders Driving Pocket Watch Sales

More and more men in the UK are wearing a three-piece suit like those worn by the Brummy gangsters in the series, and they are accessorising with gold and silver antique pocket watches worn in the waistcoat pocket. Pocket watches are worn on a chain attached to a buttonhole on a waistcoat and then looped into a specially designed pocket. They can be worn on either side to suit left or right-handed wearers.

What are the different types of pocket watch?

Pocket watches have a few different design elements that affect the way they are used and displayed. There are four main types of pocket watch:

  • open-face
  • half hunter
  • full hunter
  • double hunter

We’ve detailed the features of each, and even linked you to some affordable (all under £30!) pocket watch options from Amazon. Here is our reference guide to the difference between open face, half hunter and full hunter pocket watches.


The open face pocket watch has no cover and the time can be read without having to be opened. They are quite common but were not popular in the 18th and 19th centuries as the faces could be damaged easily. That is why the full hunter design was developed.

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Open face pocket watch


A full hunter pocket watch often features an engraved outer casing with initials or a picture displayed on the They can become quite a hassle because the cover has to be opened every time you want to check the time – and so the half hunter pocket watch was invented.

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The half hunter pocket watch has a cover with either a glass crystal or hole that allows you to see the hands of the watch without opening it.

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The double hunter pocket watch shares many of the features of the Full Hunter – with a front face covered with a protective lid. A double hunter case has a lid on the back of the pocket watch as well. It is designed so the mechanical movement can be viewed. It also means the pocket watch can stand on its own.

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Buy a Peaky Blinders Pocket Watch

Fancy joining Cillian Murphy and maybe trying out the Peaky Blinders pocket watch look for yourself? Although there are plenty of new pocket watches available on Amazon and other online retailers, vintage pieces are very desirable. The best range of second-hand vintage pocket watches in the UK is probably eBayclick here to view their current selection. Don’t forget to check out your local independent jewellers for a bargain. Beware when you buy a used pocket watch because they can be very expensive to repair!


By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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