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Omega is one of the world’s oldest watch specialists.  They also have an intriguing history, which dates all the way back to 1848.  Originally set up as La Generale Watch Co, founder Louis Brandt would specialise in pocket watches.  This helped to establish the company as genuine innovators.

About The Brand: Omega

It wasn’t until 1903, following Brandt’s death, that the company’s name would change again.  The watchmakers, continuing to expand, called themselves Louis Brandt et Frere – Omega Watch & Co.  Interestingly, they wouldn’t become ‘Omega’ until the early 1980s!

A Place in History

Omega watches have had an astounding rise to fame.  Having been developed for the good part of a century, they came to further prominence during the First World War.  The British Royal Flying Corps, and the US Army, would choose them to supply their timekeeping technology.  It was a huge honour, and it wouldn’t be their last.

Omega watches were seen by many to be technologically ahead of time.  An Omega watch was the first to be worn on the moon, and beyond this, the company built a solid relationship with NASA.  Even years later, Buzz Aldrin would continue to act as an Omega brand ambassador.  In fact, many astronauts have helped to promote the brand across the years!

Back on Earth, the brand would continue to gain popularity thanks to its links to popular stars of the day.  Perhaps the most famous Omega wearer, of course, was Elvis Presley.  Omega’s watches have been worn by British royalty and Hollywood stars alike.  It’s a brand linked with James Bond, too, as both Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig have acted as Omega ambassadors.

The Quartz Conundrum

Before Brosnan and Craig, however, came the 1970s.  This was a difficult period for many watch manufacturers in the West.  Eastern brands such as Citizen and Seiko were starting to corner the quartz market.  Omega competed well, but by the 1980s, they were beginning to suffer financially.  They weren’t alone, unfortunately – though they continued to compete well against the likes of Rolex.  Both companies have survived to this day, and in a big way.

This led to Omega and ASUAG, a fellow Swiss watch giant, to merge their development teams.  This would lead to a holding company being formed, which is known today as the Swatch Group.  The SG oversees Omega and many other brands to this day.

Always Evolving

Omega’s popularity lies in its fantastic marketing as well as in its leading research and development.  Popular watches by the brand, such as the Speedmaster, the Seamaster and the De Ville, are widely worn by men and women all over the world.  They have continued to develop intelligent, adaptable watches for various purposes.  For example, they continued to develop the Speedmaster Professional with space travel in mind.  Omega’s close ties with NASA have never been forgotten!

Many people will recognise Omega for the stars that wear their watches!  However, they have a rich and varied history.  Rapidly approaching their 200th birthday, who knows quite what Omega’s R&D will come up with in the years in between?

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