We’ve not covered the NTH Sub before, but it’s a great little microbrand diver, remniscent of 1970s Tudor Submariners but with a modern twist. Janis Trading Co has launched a new range of watches, and pre-sales start on Wednesday 12th June.

New NTH Sub range from Janis Trading Co

The new fleet of five NTH Subs is almost ready for pre-sale. There is a new version of the Näcken, named “Renegade,” sunray-blue versions of both the Barracuda and Scorpène, and two new watches: the Tiburón and the Zwaardvis.

This Wednesday 12th June at Noon, EDT (GMT-4) pre-sales begin for these new members of the NTH Sub family. Delivery is targeted for August, and numbers will be limited.

The New NTH Sub Range:

NTH Sub Nacken
The Näcken – Renegade
  • The Näcken – Renegade (pronounced “nehk-ehn”): This is the 5th Näcken design and features a vertically brushed blue, face-to-black dial with thick-printed indices and black bezel.
Barracuda NTH Sub
The Barracuda, Blue
  • The Barracuda, Blue:  The people spoke, and we answered. This is a sunray blue version of the original Barracuda, complete with gilt-trimmed hands and indices, and matching blue bezel.
NTH Sub Scorpene
The Scorpène, Blue
  • The Scorpène, Blue (pronounced “skohr-pehn”):  The purpose-oriented crowd-favorite gets punched up with a sunray blue dial and blue bezel.
NTH Sub TIburon
The Tiburón
  • The Tiburón: A vintage-flavored, big-print “Maxi Dial” version of the subs with sandpaper-texture black dial and blue bezel.
NTH SUb Zwaardvis
The Zwaardvis
  • The Zwaardvis (pronounced “zvahrd-feese”, Dutch for “Swordfish”): A mix of vintage design cues come together with a bold, matte orange dial with black-trimmed hands and indices.

[Edit – it was not clear in the original artiucle that all these watches except the Scorpene are available with date windows – here are some mockups]

Buy an NTH Sub

Preorders for the subs are at full retail price due to the short time to delivery. You can buy an NTH Sub at the Janis Trading Co website.

Older NTH subs are available from Serious Watches in the Netherlands, Watch Gauge in the USA, and Watch Wonderland in Singapore – these watches do not come up often on eBay so get them while you can – they are obviously keepers.

Author: Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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    1. I thought the same at first, but there is a date option for every model but one – you choose it in a check box on the site when ordering. I’ll update the article

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