Our fourth Nordgreen watch review is of their replacement for the Infinity, the Nordgreen Native: a black watch that is also green.

Nordgreen Native Review

Nordgreen is one of my favourite fashion watch companies. They produce interesting designs that aren’t just rebadged Aliexpress watches, they price their watches competitively and they have very strong environmental credentials. The company’s ethics are at the forefront of all they do, with their watches coming in recycled and recyclable packing and a proportion of every sale going to a chair or NGO of your choice.

At a glance

Nordgreen Native

Price £174 (£148 with discount code WWREVIEW)
Case size 40mm
Thickness 8.35mm
Water Resistance 3 ATM
Movement Japanese Quartz

The box that the Nordgreen Native arrives in is nice and simple, made of recycled cardboard and recycled plastic bottles. It does its job perfectly well and minimises waste.

Case and Movement

Despite its battery-powered movement, the Nordgreen Native has no second hand so it doesn’t have that quartz tick that can put off watch collectors. That quartz allows the case to be ultra-thing – just over 8mm. The watch is really light and the polished finish is very good for the price. I chose the 40mm version but a range of diameters are available to suit even the smallest of wrists.

The case back is very lightly etched with a simple design, and the only concern for me is that high polish can be a bit of a fingerprint magnet – and the domed crystal is very reflective, making it sometimes hard to see the time at a glance.

Dial and Hands

The Nordgreen Native dial is relatively simple but well-executed. It has metallic applied markers at each hour position, matching the hands. There is no lume at all, and the minute markers are black. Combined with that crystal, this makes the watch occasionally quite tricky to read at a glance but it does look good, and that is what counts with fashion watches.

Bracelet and Clasp

I was very impressed with the Nordgreen Native bracelet – you can choose the watch with a leather strap or a NATO but I thought I would try the 5-link bracelet. It’s solid, so not rattly like a Seiko bracelet, and the finish is excellent with brushed outer links and polished centre links. I’d have liked to have seen fitted end links but there is not too big a gap between bracelet and case so I can forgive this.

The clasp has a double push-button release for security. The clasp itself is made of thin, pressed steel but it feels pretty solid in use, unlike some low-end bracelets where the clasp can easily be bent as you put on the watch.

Nordgreen Native – Video Review

What I Liked… and What I Didn’t Like

þ Nice, simple design
þ Excellent bracelet for the price
þ Nordgreen has great environmental credentials
ý Crystal is very reflective, marring legibility
ý Quartz watches are not for everyone
ý I prefer a bracelet with fitted end links

Nordgreen Native – The WRUK Verdict

Overall, the Nordgreen Native does what it sets out to do very well: this is a quartz fashion watch and its job is to look good and “just work”. In that respect, the watch ticks all the right boxes. I’ve reviewed this watch around Black Friday as I think it is exactly the kind of timepiece you may consider getting as a gift for someone who is not necessarily a puritanical watch enthusiast but just wants an everyday watch that will be reliable, accurate and attractive. If you are looking to buy a watch as a Christmas gift, I can recommend the Nordgreen range.

Buy a Nordgreen Native

Nordgreen watches are sold exclusively online from the Nordgreen UK website (use code WWREVIEW for 15% off Black Friday prices). You can also get Nordgreen watches from Amazon.co.uk, often at a slight discount.

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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