One of the first reviews at WRUK was the Marchand Legacy. We’ve kept a close eye on the brand – and today we take a look at their new models.

New Releases from Marchand Watches

There are three new watches coming out this year from Marchand – two quartz models which you can buy now, and an automatic watch which is due for release this month.

Marchand LMP

First up is the LMP: a 43mm cushion cased chronograph with a quartz movement. We love the Seventies looks of this one and think that the £249 price is good value for a watch that’s clearly not made from catalogue parts. We wish that a sapphire crystal had been chosen instead of mineral glass, but that’s our only real gripe.

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Marchand Tourer

The second new release is the Marchand Tourer. Another quartz chronograph, this one has a more conventional round case but a superb-looking two-tone dial design that we think is Marchand’s best design yet. Again, it has mineral glass which will undoubtedly put off some purists, but we appreciate that compromises must be made to achieve the £249 price tag. We think it’s a great looking watch nonetheless.

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Marchand Legacy

Finally, there is a new version of the automatic Legacy, which we reviewed back in April. We had some issues with the legibility, which has been addressed with an all-new colour range, and felt that the price was a touch high for a basic three-hander. It’s available for pre-order at £425, for which you get a solid Miyota 9015 movement and a double-domed sapphire crystal. Our pick is the carbon model (£449).

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Buy Marchand watches

Are Marchand watches any good? Well, we’ve handled the Legacy and can confirm that is is really well built. It compares well with anything you can pick up on the high street for up to double its price. The watches are made with love and some of the designs aren’t quite like anything else on the market, which we respect. You’ll also help them fund their new projects, including the Enduro GT which looks like it is going to be amazing!

You can buy Marchand watches on their website: use our link and the code PARTNER at checkout for a 10% discount.

Author: Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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