Neminus Matador Gollardo Watch Review

We loved the last Neminus watch we reviewed (the Extreme Diver) so how does the new Neminus Matador bullhead chronograph compare?

Neminus Matador Gollardo Review

Neminus sent the Gollardo variant of the Neminus Matador for this review. They said I could keep the watch, so it will be given away to a WRUK reader in a giveaway – details at the bottom of the page.

At a glance

Neminus Matador Gollardo

$399 (£333)
Case size
15.17mm tapering to 11.90mm
Water Resistance
Seiko TMI VK64 Meca-Quartz

The presentation of the Neminus Matador is phenomenal, with a bulky vegan-leather three-watch roll that is big enough to handle three hefty watches.

Case and Movement

The VK64 is a really popular movement in low-cost chronographs. It is a great choice for this watch, as it is accurate and reliable like a quartz, but has a smooth sweep and instant reset like a mechanical chronograph. The case of the Neminus Matador is something else: this is a real statement watch and not for the light-of-heart or slim-of-wrist. It’s heavy, solid-feeling and beautifully manufactured and finished.

The downside of that mass is that I found it heavy on the wrist. The watch tapers from 15mm down to 12 at the 6 O’clock end and this perhaps contributed to a slightly unbalanced feel. The crowns at the top and bottom control the time and inner rotating bezel respectively. In common with several watches with inner bezels I found it easy to knock it out of line when screwing and unscrewing the crown.

Dial and Hands

The Neminus Matador Gallardo dial is a work of art. It has lots of depth, with applied features, a “pie-pan” centre section and a beautifully-made sculpted bull’s head. Combined with the red sunburst effect this makes for a stunning-looking watch that is sure to turn heads.

The hands are in contrasting white, so they are easy to read despite all that is going on with the dial. Swiss BGW9 lume is used on all hands and indices. All this is capped by a 3mm thick double-domed sapphire crystal with five layers of anti-reflective coating.

Strap and Buckle

No corners have been cut when it comes to the strap, which is made of Horween leather and feels absolutely great on the wrist. The buckle is in Neminus’s signature shape and finished in a matching black to the watch case.

Neminus Matador Gollardo – Video Review

What I Liked

What I Didn’t like

  • Excellent build quality
  • Superb dial
  • Something different to the norm
  • Heavy on the wrist
  • Bullheads are an acquired taste
  • Internal bezel slips while unscrewing bottom crown

Neminus Matador Gollardo – The WRUK Verdict

The Neminus Matador is a beast of a watch – and that is kind of the point. Whilst it is not a watch I can ever imagine myself wearing, if you have the physique and confidence to pull off a big, bullhead chronograph then this watch should be up there near the top of your shortlist.

Buy a Neminus Matador Gollardo

Neminus sell direct to the public from their own website.

Win a Neminus Matador Gollardo

Neminus let us keep the review sample, so we’ve replaced the battery, and it will go to a lucky reader – go to our competitions page to enter.

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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