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Miyota is a popular watch movement manufacturer which started life as part of Citizen in the late 50s.  By the 1980s the brand started to develop movements to sell on a commercial basis, which led to an expansion of their product line on a global scale.  It was during this time that Miyota produced the record-breaking Cal. 2035, which is still to this day the most widely-manufactured movement in the world.

About The Brand: Miyota

As of the mid-to-late 80s, Miyota had moved out of the shadow of Citizen and had become its own entity, despite retaining key links.  In fact, Miyota is still in charge of developing movements for Citizen’s watches, as a 65% subsidiary.

Popular Movements

Miyota’s movements grew to be massively popular with the professional market, and thanks to the colossal success of the 2035, the firm went on to develop further landmark technology.  The Cal. 6P followed in 1989, with the Cal. oS in 1992.  A gap of nine years followed, with the Cal. GL/GM arriving in 2001.  Their most recent movement line is the Cal. 9039, which arrived in 2018.  To this day, the brand is still seen as the leading name in movement innovation.  The Cal. 2035 is said to have sold over three billion units worldwide, and the number continues to rise.

The Miyota 8215

Miyota’s 8215 remains one of its most popular movements.  This specialised model is popular with many leading watchmaker brands, particularly as it can be easily incorporated into a wide variety of shells and designs.  Citizen, of course, makes use of this movement, as do Invicta, Festina, Berhnhardt, Camel, Kyboe, Perseo and many others.  If you have worn a watch made by any of these brands, it’s likely you’re using Miyota 8215 technology.  This movement can self-wind and has a reserve of power which can last for up to 40 hours.

The Miyota 9015

The 9015 is a movement which arrived in 2009 as an extension to the 8215.  Increased power reserve, shock protection technology and a ball-bearing rotor help to make this one of the most efficient and widely-used movements in the industry.  It is still in manufacture today, having celebrated its tenth birthday.  Central and hacking seconds are both available, too, with date quickset features.

Never Overlook Movements

Anyone casually interested in watches may not know that the movement industry is just as booming as the watch manufacture market.  It can be easy to expect all watchmakers to develop their own technology, too.  This isn’t always the case!  Miyota’s innovations have helped global brands establish themselves as leaders in watchmaking.  As stated, you may well be wearing Miyota technology without even realising it.

Miyota’s position as a movement innovator is well-known behind the scenes.  They are a big part of why Citizen continues to grow as the biggest watch company on the planet.  However, Miyota develops and sells movements to all companies without discretion.  It is always going to be exciting to see what they can come out with next.

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