Maven Urban Scout MUS-03 Watch Review

Another minimalist quartz dress watch hits the market. Does the Maven Urban Scout offer anything new to the category?

Maven Urban Scout MUS-03 Review

I get offered loads of minimalist quartz dress watches for review at WRUK. Usually at the point I explain that I give honest, balanced reviews the brands run a mile. Full credit, then to Maven watches for sending one of their watches for the WRUK once over. I got this watch for free so I’m giving it away: details at the end of the review.


The case of the Maven Urban Scout is surprisingly well made. I was expecting a cheap cast case with a pop-off back. What you get is a well-designed slim case with sharp transitions, a quality finish and a screwed on case back with fairly deep engraving. It is a lot better than I expected and gives a good first impression. There’s a sapphire crystal – again better than expected and a Swiss quartz Ronda movement. The quartz movement will put most readers off immediately, and I personally do not see the added value in choosing a Swiss quartz movement over a Japanese one. 

Dial and Hands

The dial was disappointingly flat. It is matt black with printed numerals and simple lumed hands. It is very legible, which is a plus, but hardly inspirational. Like many of the watches other features, it is not bad, it’s just not particularly great either. This is a problem in such a crowded marketplace: why would you buy a Maven Urban Scout over any other brand? A minor niggle, but a common one with quartz watches, is that the second hand “ticks” don’t quite align with the markings on the dial.

Strap and Buckle

The Maven Urban Scout’s Italian leather strap is, again, pretty well made. I love the quick release function and it is soft and supple, feeling very comfortable on the wrist. The tang buckle is as well made and finished as the case. Many brands cut corners here – it is encouraging that Maven has not.

Maven Urban Scout – Video Review

What I Liked

  • The case is well made and well finished – better than most watches at this price point
  • The leather strap feels good on the wrist and is made of decent leather
  •  The specifications are good for the asking price

What I Didn’t Like

  • The dial is very flat and uninspiring
  • A quartz movement – even a Swiss one – will not find favour from serious watch collectors
  • I can’t see anything to make this watch stand out from the minimalist quartz crowd

Maven Urban Scout – the WRUK Verdict

Overall then, the Maven Urban Scout offers some promise. The case is genuinely well made and well designed. If it were coupled with even an entry-level automatic movement and a dial with more depth I think the brand could be onto something. As it is, there’s a lot of £150 minimalist quartz watches on the market and there’s nothing here that would make me recommend this watch over one from a more established brand.

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