MAALS Giri Ventiquattro review

The MAALS brother are back with a new watch. Is the MAALS Giri Ventiquattro Review a step up from their highly-rated Jump Over the Moon model?

MAALS Giri Ventiquattro Review 

Why are watch models so hard to spell sometimes? As I type this I have “Giri Ventiquattro” in my clipboard because I have not yet managed to spell it the same way twice! The name roughly translates to “Turns Twenty-Four” – after the number of hours in the day – and it is the new watch from MAALS, whose last watch I would summarise as a great fashion accessory but impossible to use as a watch! So, what do you get for your £375 this time around?


The Giri Ventiquattro is a lot more conservative than its predecessor. It sits in a 40mm case with wire style lugs (the watch takes a standard 20mm strap on spring bars) and a bowl back, quite unlike its predecessor. It sits really nicely on the wrist and actually works better with the strap tighter than I would usually wear it.

Both sides have sapphire crystals but, at the back, it has a unique (I think) half-window design. OKSE is back with some artwork, etched into the case back. It’s a fun image of an astronaut spinning the world on his finger like a basketball. Inside is a Miyota 9134 – a solid Japanese movement that has a power reserve indicator. I like how it feels to wear this watch – even though watches on straps usually begin to irritate me after an hour or two.

Dial and Hands

Dress watches are all about the dials. With the MAALS Giri Ventiquattro, they have gone for something a little off the wall. The triangular motif of the Jump Over the Moon is back, supplemented by three subdials: Giorno (date); Ora (24-hour dial); and Giri (turns, but actually denoting power reserve).  I always think that power reserve is a bit of a gimmick: if you wear your watches as I do it will only ever show 0 or 100% but if you wear the watch infrequently it gives an idea of whether it needs winding.

I found the watch legible, with the hands easy to read against the stunning blue sunburst dial under all lighting conditions. I’m not convinced by the way it shows three dates – it took an extra half-second to register which date it was every time but I can see it helps make the dial look a little more balanced. The 24 dial has a lovely printed image, I found myself wishing it was a disc for an extra layer of detail. Nevertheless, at first, I thought the dial was unbalanced but after living with it for a few days I began to very much enjoy the way the light plays across the face.

Strap and Buckle

I was very impressed by the Cordura strap. It is a good match for the watch face and is really comfortable to wear. It has a leather backing and is far better than the similar strap that came fitted to my Christopher Ward Trident C60 Bronze.

My only criticisms are that the buckle is rather plain, not even signed with the brand logo – this watch would suit a deployant clasp – and that the strap was a bit short, only just reaching the second keeper on my average (7.5″/19cm) wrist. I hope the productions straps will be longer. A quick-release function would also be nice as the wire lugs will get scratched up pretty quickly after a couple of strap changes.

MAALS Giri Ventiquattro – Video Review

What I Liked

  • I love the case design, it feels really comfortable on the wrist
  • The dial really grew on me, especially that sunburst effect
  • I love the half-window design of the cashback, which I have never seen before

What I Didn’t Like

  • The strap is a little short, despite its high quality
  • I found the way it shows three dates at once to be very distracting in everyday use
  • The price will put some people off 

MAALS Giri Ventiquattro – The WRUK Verdict

Overall, I am a fan of the watches that MAALS make. The passion of the owners comes through in every design decision and even if you don’t like one of the features you have tor espect them for going with their vision. My only concern is that at the asking price of £375 on Kickstarter (£450 RRP) is a little high for a watch that is unlikely to become a daily wearer. That is not to say the watch is not worth as much as – even more than – the sum of its parts.

The MAALS Giri Ventiquattro is beautifully designed and made. It is clear that the brand has a vision, and it is refreshing that they did not just go for the usual diver’s watch template. I thought that the Jump Over The Moon was great despite its shortcomings. The Giri Ventiquattro is great by any measure. If you are wondering whether or not to jump on the Kickstarter, I can assure you it is every bit as good as it looks.

Buy a MAALS Giri Ventiquattro

The MAALS Giri Ventiquattro is out today to back on Kickstarter.

You can also find out more at MAALS’ website 

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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