MAALS Giri Ventiquattro

MAALS are back with another unique-looking watch. The Sealey brothers have followed up their brilliant Jump Over the Moon with the MAALS Giri Ventiquattro.

Introducing the MAALS Giri Ventiquattro

Remember MAALS? They came out with a watch that we found almost impossible to use as a watch but which we heartily recommended as a fantastic piece of design. Andy and Mark Sealey, the brothers behind MAALS are two of the nicest people in the microbrand business and we are thrilled to hear that they have a new watch on the way: the Giri Ventiquattro.

We actually got a sneak peak at the MAALS Giri Ventiquattro back in October 2019 at the WatchIt! watch fair but we were sworn to secrecy. Now the cat is out of the bag – and we think they have come up with another brilliant design. Unlike the Jump Over the Moon, the MAALS Giri Ventiquattro has an automatic Miyota 9134 movement which makes it much more attractive to traditional watch enthusiasts. They aim for MAALS watches to have “something that’s kinda geeky but there to make you smile” a this time it comes in the form of a newly designed custom half window caseback with a thickness of just 9.7mm.

The MAALS Giri Ventiquattro will be available in four colours:

  • Blue sunray dial in a polished SS case and blue Cordura and leather strap
  • Black matte dial, in a black DLC case and black Cordura and leather strap
  • ‘The Panda’ – white matte dial with full dial lume in a black DLC case and black Cordura and leather strap
  • Black dial in a matte rose gold DLC case, polished rose gold crown and sand coloured
    padded sailcloth leather strap

Much of the design language we loved in the Jump Over The Moon (JOTM) is still there: a truncated triangle tipped by a unique take on a 24hr dial and instead of a traditional number layout, they’ve instead created an artwork scene with rolling clouds separating day and night. OKSE is back with some new artwork that features the familiar spaceman from the first model: this time turning the Earth day and night on their finger basketball style. The clouds and stars from the 24hr dial, drift along in the background while a lightning bolt strikes down.

What do all those Italian words mean?

Warwickshire is quite some distance from Italy, and we wondered why MAALS chose this name – other than to make it harder for us reviewers to spell! On the power reserve dial, sits the word Giri which translates to revolutions/turns and used to appear on the rev counter of several Alfa Romeo cars – a brand the brothers both love. Ora means Hours and Giorno means Day. Geeky. The name Giri Ventiquattro, then, loosely translates to Turns Twenty-four referring to the power reserve dial and the fact that there are twenty-four hours in a day.

MAALS Giri Ventiquattro – Specifications

• Miyota 9134 mechanical automatic movement
• 40mm 316L polished or DLC stainless steel case
• 9.7mm height
• 46.5mm lug to lug
• Blue sunray dial, Black or White matte dial (colourway dependent)
• 42-hour power reserve
• Flat Sapphire screen with anti-reflection coating
• Six screw half exhibition caseback with sapphire glass and exclusive artwork engraving by
• Super lume numbers and indices (blue, black and rose versions only), full dial super lume
(white dial version only)
• 5ATM water resistance
• Polished crown (blue and rose version), matte crown (black and white version)
• Colour coded water-resistant Cordura strap with leather underside (blue, black and white version)
• Colour coded padded sailcloth leather strap (rose gold version)
• 24-month International warranty

Buy a MAALS Giri Ventiquattro

Launching on Kickstarter on 31st July, all versions of the MAALS Giri Ventiquattro will be priced at price £375 (RRP is £450), which includes a single padded watch case. Head over to the MAALS website to find out more:

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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