Seiko Sportura SUN025 GMTBuy a Seiko Sportura SUN025 GMT from eBay

The Rolex Explorer 2 “Polar” is a modern classic, worn by people including Prince William. We covered a budget answer to the Rolex Explorer 1 last month, and if you like the white and orange look but don’t have the bank balance to support it, then once again Seiko come to the rescue. The Seiko Sportura SUN025 GMT looks great and gives the look for less money!

Seiko Sportura SUN025 GMT

Seiko Sportura SUN025 GMT
Buy a Seiko Sportura SUN025 GMT from eBay

Seiko’s Sportura SUN025 GMT is a 44mm watch with Seiko’s trademark “Kinetic” movement. The kinetic watches tick like a quartz, and are just as accurate but never need a  battery. Wrist motion charges a capacitor inside the watch as you move. This is a similar process to automatic manual watches but requires more effort to charge the watch. On the other hand, a fully charged Seiko Kinetic will run for about six months rather than the 48 hours or so a mechanical watch will last on a full wind.

Although the watch is a hefty 44mm wide, it still wears well on smaller wrists. This is thanks to drastically angled lugs which hug the wrist and make it feel very secure. The bracelet is a high-quality solid linked affair with push pins. The pusher at 2 O’clock spins the second hand to indicate the amount of charge remaining in the watch. The GMT function means that the normal hour hand “jumps” from hour to hour making setting the time a doddle. You can also – unusually – set the date by winding the watch forwards or backwards.

Living With the Seiko Kinetic GMT

The Seiko Sportura SUN025 GMT is a brilliant daily wearer. Here’s the rundown of the good and bad points.


  • Good size – not too big and comfortable to wear
  • Comfortable bracelet
  • GMT function is handy for travelling or keeping in touch with friends and family in different time zones


  • The hands do not reach all the way to the markers, making the watch feel unbalanced
  • Must be worn regularly t keep it charged
  • If the capacitor breaks it is expensive to repair

Buy a Seiko Sportura SUN 025 Kinetic GMT Watch

The watches are rare in the UK but they often come up on eBay.

Buy a Seiko Sportura SUN 025 GMT

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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