Christopher Ward Trident C60 Bronze

How does the Christopher Ward c60 Trident Bronze hold up after a few months of wear? Our editor gives his verdict in this long term review.

Long Term Review – Christopher Ward c60 Trident Bronze Pro

I am a sucker for a bronze watch. The unique selling point of bronze is that it acquires a unique look as it ages over time. It’s particularly suited to dive watches as it gives the look of an old fashioned ship’s propeller or diving helmet. I’ve had this watch for a few months now, which has given it time to acquire a nice patina. The bronze has aged beautifully, in a brown colour with no nasty green bits. I bought the watch used, but reset the patina with lemon juice so I could give it its own character.

The watch itself is powered  by a Swiss Sellita SW-200 movement, which is the equivalent of an ETA 2824. It’s a reliable and accurate movement (at least it is now, read on for more details about mine!) and I have no complaints about it. The case of the watch is great, it’s larger than your typical dive watch (most of which are based on the Rolex Submariner) at 43mm but there is also a 38mm option available if you prefer a smaller, more compact watch. I’m a big fan of the bezel, which is the same bronze as the case. Unlike most watches which have a steel or ceramic insert, this one really shows off the bronze. The dial is nice and clear, with slightly aged-looking yellow lume on the markers and the spade hands – which I normally hate – really suit this watch.

When I first bought the watch I could not get on with the webbing strap. It was quite stiff and the watch kept sliding around my wrist at my preferred setting. I switched it for a rubber strap – using the original buckle – and it now wears really nicely. I think the strap is a great match for the dial, and it looks great with a pair of jeans. Not one to wear at the office.

Christopher Ward c60 Trident Bronze Pro – The WRUK Verdict

This is my go-to watch for weekends. It is comfortable to wear, looks good and is sturdy enough to withstand anything I am likely to throw at it. I find Christopher Ward watches a bit hit and miss, but this and their more recent models are absolutely superb and well worth the money.

Replacing the Strap on the Christopher Ward Trident c60 Trident


22mm curved end strap
Click to buy this curved end rubber strap on eBay

The stock Christopher Ward strap is made of webbing with a leather back and will set you back £75. If you don’t like it, you can use any 22mm strap (click here for our strap changing guide), but make sure it tapers to 20mm. I prefer straps that sit flush with the case, and I have replaced mine with a 22mm rubber strap with curved endlinks from eBay. Currently, this strap costs just £8.95 and it looks and feels great.


It did not quite fit at first, I had to drill out the hole where the spring bar goes to get enough “give” to squeeze it onto the watch. I did this by gradually drilling it out in 0.5mm intervals from 2mm to 4mm, removing a tiny bit of the hard plastic core each time and trying it on the watch at each step. Because it is rubber, the hole does not actually end up being 4mm in diameter, and as soon as I could nudge the springbar ends in place I stopped messing with it. I think it matches the watch really well.

How Good is the Christopher Ward Warranty?

I bought this watch used, from eBay, and unfortunately it arrived with an undisclosed issue. The rotor span when I hand-wound the watch and it would not charge when worn. This is a common problem with movements based on the ETA 2824 (it’s a reverser wheel fault, apparently). The good news is that Christopher Ward have one of the best warranties in the business: they’ll repair manufacturing faults for a full five years from the date of purchase. Even if you buy a watch used, it is still covered. This makes Christopher Ward a very safe used watch purchase. The repair took about 6 weeks top complete, and Christopher Ward paid for Special Delivery postage both ways. Overall I was very impressed and will certainly be buying from them again (I already have my eyes on the new C65 GMT…)

Buy a Christopher Ward c60 Trident Bronze

The Christopher Ward c60 Bronze Pro costs £795 direct from the company’s website. The golden rule with Christopher Ward is to never pay full price: they have regular sales and discount events, and a nearly-new section full of reduced watches in great condition. If you sign up for their mailing list you’ll get regular emails, discount vouchers, and their printed magazine – which is always a good read.

There’s also eBay if you want a used watch: aim to pay no more than about £550 as Christopher Ward regularly give £150 off a £500 spend vouchers away – making the new price £645. Click here to view Christopher Ward c60 Bronze watches on eBay.

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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